Following the Rustic Style, you may know the most characteristic about it is how nature can be combined perfectly in the modern life of humans. Since it’s rusted, things should be organic, but how to arrange the texture to make it the coziest for your living room? Read more Artera Home suggestions to find out!

1// Rustic wood beams

To embrace the original warm color of the wood, the Rustic home favors the roof with exposed wood beams. The wood here is not treated too much but will be kept intact. The wooden beams and slats are intentionally exposed to preserve the unspoiled beauty. 

exposed wooden beams in living room

Image source: Unsplash

2// Earthy tone color palette

The rustic living room’s color palette will lean towards neutral colors like white, gray, or beige. These colors will blend with the bold color of the wood to create a harmonious symmetry.

Natural tones like wood, stone, or earth tones also work well to create a cozy living room. Consider adding vivid colors, so the living room is not dull but more lively. For example: red, green or blue.

brown and grey furniture

Image source: Pexels

3// Raw stone fireplaces

A raw stone fireplace, which extends from the floor to the exposed beam, gives the room the perfect focal point. Once fall and winter come, this fireplace will be the passionate heart of the house, bringing warmth to everyone.

We highly recommend the use of stone, both ensuring its sturdiness and getting a rustic feel from nature.

raw stone fireplace

Image source: Pexels

4// Real stone wall

A new trend in interior style is stone wall cladding as an accent. The stone veins bring a sense of authenticity and a little "wild" to the room. The way rough rocks are arranged out of order seems like a natural cliff in the house.

For a rustic living room, you might like to know that natural stones with veins such as granite and marble work the best.

real stone wall

Image source: Pexels

5// Natural basket

Why should they be on the considered list?

That’s because natural fibers such as seagrass or water hyacinth blend well with wood, brick, or stone. Next to the wall or wood fireplace, place a few baskets made of water hyacinth to give you a place for storage as well as add texture to your living room.

You can clearly see that the warm tone of natural fiber can balance the room temperature with the neutral tone.

water hyacinth basket beside an armchair

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6// Textured wall decoration

Another way to add some rusted chains to your living room is some textured wall decor, they maintain the fulfillment of the room and leave no numbness in the room. Some recommendations are seagrass hand-woven wall baskets, old paintings, and a vintage furniture collection.

collage of mirror and photos on wall

Image source: Unsplash

7// Vintage book collection

Something more unique? An old leather bookshelf! This collection perfectly brings an antique feeling and historic charm.

vintage book collection

Image souce: Unsplash

Rustic’s charm is the perfect finishing touch for a warm living room. You don’t need to bring all the oldest furniture to achieve a rusty feeling. Start with the basics - earthy tone, natural materials, and mixing textures.

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