Breathe Boho style into your home, have you ever thought about it?

For a long time, Boho Decor has always maintained its position in the top trend of housing styles. Because of its fun and generous nature, Boho gives homeowners the freedom to arrange items and select items the way they want. Here are Artera Home suggestions for you to add Bohemian touches, step by step bringing this style into your home.

1// A rug with a brocade pattern

The simplest thing is to choose a rug with a striking pattern. A little coziness, a little belonging will be the feeling you get from this rug. Usually, it will be placed on the sofa next to the living room, where the guests are first impressed, or in the kitchen, next to the dining table, if you want to add more interest.

boho brocade pattern rugImage source: Pexels

2// Seagrass handwoven basket

Natural materials will remind you of areas you have been to or want to visit. In the modern boho style, these baskets are very popular for their versatility and high storage capacity. You can absolutely put it in any room, as long as it harmonizes with the layout you intend.

seagrass handwoven basket in boho kitchen

3// A hand-woven macrame

Another simple way to bring Boho into the room is to make a macrame entirely. Choose materials that can be knotted like wool, or yarn. Of course, you can choose neutral or striking colors depending on your preference. Use knots to create unique patterns. This macrame will create a new texture in your room.

wool hand-woven macrame on boho wallImage source: Unsplash

4// A bed wall art

Highlight the bedroom, especially the bed - the center of the bedroom with an improvised piece of art that will quickly turn your bedroom into a Boho style. They can be a seagrass wall decor, a combination furniture rack, or a painting, sometimes it can also be an art headboard.

bohemian bed wall artImage source: Unsplash

5// Natural plant

There are a few prominent trends in Boho decor that are maximalist. The presence of more plants in the room will make the room return to nature, bringing a sense of freedom and comfort.

The green of the leaves will moderate the dominant colors arbitrarily, and look "messy" so that everything looks more harmonious.

greenery natural plant in boho roomImage source: Unsplash

6// A bamboo chair/ rattan chair

One of the most considered items for the Boho Decor style is a bamboo or rattan chair. The chair has a South Asian accent as a rustic decoration for the room. They easily blend into the room without too much effort.

rattan chair on brocade pattern rug in boho living roomImage source: Unsplash

7// A hammock

A hammock can be used while reading, drinking coffee, taking a lunch break or chatting with family. It will bring a warm, enveloping feeling to the corner of your room.

hang comfortable hammock in boho living roomImage source: Pexels

8// A wood furniture

It can be a wooden cabinet in the living room or a wooden table and chair set in the dining room. Wood will add to your Boho room the rustic, closeness.

wood table in boho living roomImage source: Unsplash

9// Bohemian style night light

Boho in an eclectic style, with freedom of texture and pattern, a unique night light will make everyone stop for a moment.

Brown Wooden Framed Mirror on White WallImage source: Pexels

The conspicuous existence of the Boho Decor style will make your home more impressive and unique. The items suggested above are easy to buy at a low cost, while their convenience is undisputed.

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