Farmhouse interior design is defined by practicality and comfort, relying on readily available materials and colors, and people often let their walls be boring and monotonous. But Farmhouse doesn’t stop at the boredom. Here are Artera Home suggestions to upgrade your walls with basic materials while still maintaining the characteristics of the Farmhouse style.

Set up a simple mirror

Placing a mirror in the room can make the most of natural light and spaciousness. The mirror will help your farmhouse-style house become brighter, and at the same time bring the feeling of space being expanded into many dimensions.

It can be a simple round mirror or a vintage mirror, most of which are made of aged wood frames.

two hand-woven storage baskets under a wooden table and a mirror

Hang wicker seagrass wall basket

You should consider using hand-woven wall baskets to balance out the colors and elements in the room. Because white and wood pigments are somewhat abundant, which makes your eyes easily tired, the appearance of a natural wall basket will help harmonize the colors.

In addition, the wall basket places the connection between nature touches and modern designs.

four wall baskets on white wall beside wooden table

Use an open shelving

Open shelvings are a preferred choice for a farmhouse-style home as they give a more open and spacious feel. They also allow you to store more furniture and decorations than a normal cabinet that will try to hide.

These shelvings are usually made of wood, consistent with the sustainability towards nature that the farmhouse style wants to achieve.

wicker basket placed on wooden shelving

Hand oversized clocks

Farmhouse wall clocks have many types for you to consider such as modern, Western, French, industrial, etc. Most wall clocks have large numerals, simple styles, and neutral color tones.

gray table with flowers in an apartment

Create a family photo gallery

A family photo gallery is very easy to make. You print memorable family moments, frame them, then create a place to cherish them. The black and white photo color will make the space feel nostalgic, and blend into the antique atmosphere of the farmhouse-style home.

black and white photo gallery on white wall

Take advantage of hats

Hats are the favorite items of farmers, so why not utilize them to make wall decor? You can use straw, sedge, and neutral color hats to arrange and decorate a white wall. Surely your corner will become much more prominent and interesting.

a hat among wall baskets and picture frame

These ideas to make your wall impressive are easy to implement. You can completely take advantage of the available materials around the house to make an impression on the wall.

Make sure you follow the principles of Farmhouse interior design and your comfort. Contact us via if you want more suggestions for Farmhouse decorating.