In terms of Modern Farmhouse decoration, wall art is the focal point of any space to attract someone’s eyes at first look. With the versatility and neutrality of this homestyle, choosing wall art is not difficult as long as you ensure the harmony between wall decoration items and other furniture.

Here are the top five wall arts that Artera Home would like to introduce to you for upgrading the aesthetic of your Modern Farmhouse home.

1// Handwoven seagrass wall baskets

Have you thought of adding a natural touch to the plain wall? Hand-knitting wall baskets place an artsy, traditional touch on your walls. With new lines and combinations, these wall decors bring a feeling of modernity.

mixed wicker wall basket on white wall

2// Black & White photo gallery

A corner for you to unleash your creativity, but also very simple to do! Pick out family memories, do a slight black-and-white color correction for a nostalgic feel, and frame the pictures. You will be surprised by how aesthetically they work when you put them together.

green houseplants with white and brown sofas

Source: Unsplash

3// Vintage hat, picture, and wall decor combination

A slightly old-fashioned hat and some black and white photos, with some simple hand-woven wall baskets, maintain the character of the Farmhouse style while expanding the creative boundaries of this style.

white shelf beside photo gallery

4// A simple round mirror

While helping to expand the space and increase the light intensity, the simple round mirror is an item worth trying in any home style, including Modern Farmhouse. These mirrors are often combined with a wooden shelf in the entryway or placed in the bedroom for your convenience.

a mirror and two big baskets around a wood shelf

5// Houseplant handing wall basket

Have you thought of hanging houseplants on your wall? Thanks to their originality and natural touch, your plain wall will have a perfect highlight. Keeping the rusticity of nature and optimizing the convenience of the basket,  this wall art idea is very suitable for the Modern Farmhouse style.

wall basket hold plant and card

Don’t limit your idea when combining the old and the new in Modern Farmhouse homestyle! Remember, ensuring the simplicity and versatility of decorative items, and balancing the neutral tone will keep you in the right direction of this style. Your plain wall quickly becomes the focal point when choosing suitable items.

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