An impressive living room needs to convey the homeowner's style and maintain the aesthetic over time. To satisfy these two requirements, applying natural materials to your Farmhouse living room is Artera Home's top suggestion.

Use woven wicker or storage basket

The living room starts at the entryway, which is the first impression to your customer. But most people often let this space sparse. To make it impressive, add a wooden shelf; above, set up a mirror; below, put one or two woven baskets. Thanks to them, you can both utilize the area for storage and optimize the room's light, making your room larger and airier.

a mirror and two big baskets around a wood shelf

On the shelf, you can put a vase of flowers so that the house has a breath of nature, a picture, or a favorite book. And sometimes, maybe a vintage patterned night light.

a mirror and big basket around a wood shelf

Then set up a storage corner in the living room to optimize your Farmhouse space. Use wooden planks to make open shelves for decorations, books, or photos.  Have a woven storage basket from water hyacinth to store pillows and tablecloths.

three woven baskets under wooden shelf        gray sofas with seagrass wall baskets

Rustic wood furniture

In a classic Farmhouse home, the raw, large wooden panels, still keeping the original rustic colors, are the natural highlight of the house. You can clearly see the contrast between the raw, deep color of the wood with the light, neutral colors of the walls and sofa in the house in the photo. These exposed beams will support the house, ensuring it is always stable.

white sofa chair near fireplaceImage source: Unsplash

What’s more, add wooden items mixed with modern ones. The beauty of the Farmhouse style is the harmony between the new and the old. The rusticity of the wooden furniture will add an antique charm to the room. For example, you can set up a few chairs and tables without texture to combine them with a white sofa, creating a harmony of colors.

wooden table and chair near white sofaImage source: Unsplash

Depending on the age, color, and type of wood, your living room will have a different vibe. If the living room above is a bit old-fashioned, the combination in the other room below brings the freshness of nature into the modern Farmhouse room.

Hand-woven carpet

To make your living room more impressive, Artera Home suggests adding a hand-woven rug. As a touch point connecting the floor with the surrounding space, the carpet can be the same color as the floor or bring in opposite colors to create attraction. For example, the same earth tone color or the contrast between brown and gray.

woven carpet beside three storage baskets

In one corner, you can attach a bamboo and rattan chair of the same color to the rug to add a particular highlight to the house. Surely this will be your favorite relaxing corner.

woven carpet beside rattan chair

In short, natural materials such as water hyacinth, wood, and seagrass are incredibly durable and suitable for styles that require age but are still trendy, like the Farmhouse style. Let's take your first step to transform your living room into a Farmhouse aesthetic.

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