When it comes to holiday dinners, we can’t help but think about how to impress our guests. The best way is to prepare a stunningly beautiful dinner tablescape. But how? Let’s discover right below.

What You Need to Know When Hosting Your Holiday Dinner

Before directly jumping into holiday dinnerware setting up, we have some notes for you to ensure that you will prepare well and enjoy your time.

1// The guests’ presence is one of the best parts

Preparing together is absolutely a meaningful moment in holidays. You may worry that the food or drink your guests bring will get out of your dinner concept. But the purpose of the party is that we can gather and enjoy the holiday dinner together, isn’t it? So let's just enjoy it.

More interesting, unexpected food and drink will be exposed as a surprise. And you can prepare a food checklist or announce the party concept in advance so that your guests can know how to deal with it.

a woman is preparing a holiday table setting

2// Little things bring a big impact (Like candle and flowers)

A scented candle at the entryway, peaceful music in the living room, fresh flowers on the dining table, a full-of-cookies in the snack jar, these little touches will impress your guests with your decency.

3// A detailed plan can help your party go smoothly

When the party comes closer, it is inevitable that things will arise, which can make you freak out. Therefore, you can make a list of things and clearly write down each item. You had better prepare a risk plan where you note down all the possible issues and solutions.

It will be easy to keep track of and handle if any problem occurs. We will have a holiday dinnerware set checklist below, so keep an eye on it.

a tray with full of fruits and food

4// Not only do fancy accessories “WOW” your guests, but a clean home also does

Sometimes what surprises guests coming from the simplest thing - a neat and clean house. So don't forget to put house cleaning as the first item on the checklist.

For your reference, we love to gather all the things in storage, like a basket, then we can have more space for decorations. After the party, these baskets also help us gather all the miscellaneous items quickly.

wicker baskets in the entryway and kitchen countertop

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How To Decorate A Neutral Table Without Being Boring

1// Combine neutral style with minimalist style

a table setting with metal chair, beige tablecloth and wicker placemat

Dinnerware set checklist

Quang Thien Placemats - White plates - Plain white napkins - Gold flatware - Candles - Ceramic holders - Small glass vases.

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In the beginning, we want an elegant and simple holiday dinner table. Therefore, we choose a plain beige tablecloth. To brighten up the dining table, we choose white plates, napkins, and flowers. We use small vases as accessories so as not to block the view of our guests while talking.

But the table was a bit empty, and the tablecloths also get dirty easily if only the plates are left. So, we grab our neutral seagrass placemats to add more textures as well as protect the tablecloths from dirt. However, the dining table looks a bit pale. So we opt for the gold cutlery to bring a luxurious finishing touch but still retain the elegance overall.

2// Bring neutral style into Modern Farmhouse home

a table setting with wine, tray, wicker placemat

Dinnerware set checklist

Con Thoi Water Hyacinth Placemats - Tan Thanh Pearl Charger - Kim Dinh Wicker Basket - White round plates - White Bows - Dried flowers - Wine glasses - Candles.

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Due to the decreasing temperature, we want to set up a cozy table setting. Therefore, we would like to choose earthy warm tones and invite the beauty of handicrafts as an accent. We start with a brown wooden table, and choose a set of white bowls, plates as a light contrast. But it’s so simple, right? So we look for something decorative, while ensuring a synchronized overall look with the utensil set. Then we found a pearl tray set with beautiful floral patterns.

We also serve fruits and breads during the party, so we grab a wicker storage basket. To match the style, we use some handcrafted placemats from water hyacinth for more textures. All the holiday dinnerware sets we choose have neutral colors to ensure the dining table is not too messy.

3// Mix neutral style with a Vintage vibe

a table setting with pumpkins and wicker placemats

Dinnerware set checklist

Pumpkin - Hoi Ninh Placemats - Golden candles - Brass candlesticks - Golden dried flowers - White plates - Stainless steel utensils - Dark wooden tables - Black tin chairs.

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Original ideas for holiday dinner this time are to make use of Halloween decorations, and bring a cozy, vintage vibe. That’s why we choose the main colors: Golden yellow and orange. These colors bring a feeling of warmth and spirituality when gathering with family.

Then, we took advantage of the available pumpkins in the house to create special accents. To prevent messing out the table, we opt for simple dinnerware utensils. And highlight them with placemats with alternating black patterns. They are all hand-woven from natural materials, so they won’t get out of the vintage concept.

4// Remain the coziness in the neutrality

a table setting with dried flower, wicker placemats and white plates

Dinnerware set checklist

Con Thoi Water Hyacinth Placemats - A dried flower vase - Round white plates - Clear glasses - Golden fork - Tiny branches.

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We want to create a slightly soft concept and a cozy feeling. That’s why we choose the brown palette from a dried flower vase on a wooden table. We grab some hand-woven placemats to create a layered feel. And in order to keep it simple, we don’t choose a tablecloth and retain the rusticity of the table.

Natural hand-woven placemats you will need to achieve the look

1// Hung Tien Placemats - Set Of 6

a table setting with black plates, wicker placemats

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hand-woven placemats

Hung Tien placemats are hand-woven from seagrass. The delicate petite knit design and black pattern around the edges bring simplicity and add texture to the dining table. They go well with the solid plain plate, as the black pattern underneath will spread out like a flower.

2// Hoi Ninh Placemats - Set Of 6

table setting with wicker placemat and utensils

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hand-woven placemats

Hoi Ninh Seagrass Placemat is special with a combination of 3 knitting styles in the same product. A bit of a twist with the unique black circle pattern that your kids will love counting them. In addition, this set also adds an outer knit line to fix the inner knitting.

3// Quang Thien Placemats - Set Of 6

table setting with wicker placemat, white plate, and green napkin

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hand-woven placemats

Quang Thien Seagrass Placemat's knitting style is synchronized to create a soft, visually appealing look with unique angular details. With neutral colors, this set can be matched with any type of plate or table.

4// Con Thoi Water Hyacinth Placemats - Set of 4

table setting with wicker placemats, white plates and dried flower ceramic vase

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hand-woven placemats

Different from the above 3 placemat types, the Shuttle Placemat is woven from water hyacinth with large, regular, eye-catching braids. It helps protect your tables from hot temperatures, scratches, or dirt. You also have the flexibility to highlight dishes, utensils, or decorations. Along with that, it is highly durable and can be reused for a long time.

After two years of the Covid pandemic, holiday is a very special occasion when we can gather and express our gratitude to each other. We hope you will see these holiday dinner centerpiece ideas helpful for your meaningful gathering moments.

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