In Roman language, "Terra" means Earth - the ground base, the foundation for every living things' evolution. "ARTERA" refers to the products, works, people, society… that hold the artful, crafty aspect. Bearing such approach in mind, we choose our brand name as ARTERA HOME to make a statement that: we bring to your home, your business all the thoughtful, sincerity artworks that go far beyond just handicraft furniture & decorations. 

We bring to you a whole package of artwork household decor with strong philosophy and sustainable development mindset. 

We are a company that originates from Hoi An - Vietnam; where can be referred as a resourceful hub for artist, craftsmen. The city with mild weather, cozy and peaceful atmosphere is our "incubator" for the creative and artistic interior designers to free their mind. We believe in Humanity and Sustainability. 

Owning a wide network of craftsman villages with high skills, our products has been delivered worldwide to Europe, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Korea, Japan... and more to come. 

Our ideal vision is to offer wide range of well-thought design work with great function home furniture and decoration that is easy for people to access and find meaningful using them. We build long term supplier relationships with no one other than our skillful farmers to help provide them stainable development income. We choose the hard way of going far beyond home furnishing but to create a better everyday life for all people impacted by our business: Both Partners and Buyers are our Stakeholders. 

Our business is formed up with: Strong based designer - Skillful Craftsmanship - Firm logistic chain. All for your Home and Business.


Our owner of Artera Home has a passion for the craftsmanship of Vietnam. Our company continuously adapt the new design trend, freely creating new design concept while treasuring the beauty of natural materials. By studying thoroughly, the material itself, we choose our design to be a story-teller of that resources: the nutritious they fond of, the pattern they bring out, the most solid part they form, the processing method that they remain their best parts... And that materials will be treasured, enhanced by our noble designer to create their own reform for you to bring home. That is what we call: ART. 
Besides, we know a good products require more: a talented producing process and techniques. So Artera Home seek out to all over Vietnam for the most skillful traditional craft village - for them to bring the soul into our handicraft. 
For years since history, Vietnamese village men were well known for the skillful and detail oriented craftsmanship. Our resourceful farmers have been using their non-harvesting time to make handicraft that travel all over Vietnam and even globally. But with the dynamic movement of the economic and market, they have not been evaluated as highly as they should be, nor be paid. "What is the solution for our farmers?"; our founder wondered. And he builds up Artera Home, with an ambition to solve that issue, to bring a revenue sources to our traditional craft villages in Vietnam. And then, we have Artera Home with strong philosophy of Sustainable development for our brand and for our Vietnamese farmers. A brand that stands out because we really care.