05 Artera Tips to Make Your Entryway Decor More Welcoming


The entryway is the first impression of your home when stepping in. There is no better spot in your house to emphasize the style than the entryway decor that welcomes guests and you into a warm and relaxed space. Incorporating these tips into your space will ensure that it's aesthetically pleasing, functional, and unique.

1. Have wall decor to make an accent entryway

Everybody always wants to quickly check into the mirror upon arriving at a house or apartment or to get one last lipstick check before leaving the house. It will also serve to make your space seem larger and invite more light into the area. You should opt for something mod or circular or traditional that allows you to reflect your aesthetic.

Start with a mirror is to make an entryway accent wall

With an entryway decor wall, it's important to lead guests in with a mix of interesting décor and used natural elements such as Artera Home wall baskets.

2. Green is one of the entryway decor essentials

If fresh flowers can't keep for a long time, you should opt for a small plant pot or even a petite succulent in a corner. Plants always send out comfort and peace, and they are effortless to maintain it.

A simple way to make guests feel at home is close to nature such as some eco-friendly products such as wicker baskets. Plants showcase your style as a preview of the rest of the home. Mixing and matching both of them create a green vibe to your entryway essentials.

Something green is one of the entryway essentials

3. Add some art to create an entry accent wall

Hang a favorite art on your entryway accent wall, or put some small picture frames or pieces of art on the table if space allows. Woven wall art can show your home decor as vibrant and stylish. Guests will immediately set their sights on your aesthetics and interests. Making your space instantly feel more lived and relaxed. You and your guest also feel welcome and appreciated.

Add some art to create an entry accent wall

4. Coat hooks are entryway essentials for hanging

You or guests are usually uncertain about where to put hats, bags, or jackets upon walking into a new place. So coat hooks will help as the best way to make them feel comfortable at first. And ensuring that your visitors won't keep messy in hand and look for a hanger. There is plenty of stylish coat racks. If you only have room for hanging hooks, we love to use natural materials that are entryway essentials.

Coat hooks are entryway essentials for hanging

5. Your entryway decor is to dress your floor up

Adding a rug is a welcoming way to create a warmth that makes your visitors feel at home. Why not go a natural one if you are pursuing environmental protection? Adding an eco-friendly rug can do wonders to change the atmosphere in your home. With effortless, you can create a gorgeous can transform your floor from bare to chic! Such natural rugs can mix and match with wicker baskets to give extra storage for your entryway decor.

Your entryway decor is to Dress your floor up


A welcoming entryway decor should serve your basic activities while embracing aesthetics. Don’t hesitate to try natural products such as wicker baskets, or wall decor. Tap to find more home decoration ideas!

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