5 Ways to Use Artera Home’s Wicker Storage Basket to Deal with Holiday Chaos

We often find ourselves surrounded by festive chaos during the holiday season—scattered ornaments and disarrayed wrapping paper. This usually happens because we tend to have more decorations than we need. What if we shared a solution that conquers the chaos and seamlessly integrates as part of the decorations? Let’s dive into our blog to explore 5 ways to use a wicker storage basket to deal with holiday declutter.

1. Adorn and organize Christmas trees

Imagine the convenience of organizing your Christmas tree in a wicker storage basket—a  practical and decorative solution for the front entryway or living room


Artera Home’s wicker baskets for the Christmas tree

A round-shaped basket with a sturdy structure, like our Kim Chinh wicker basket, could protect the tree from dust and potential damage. Unlike the traditional pots made from metal or pottery, this wicker is well known for its durable nature, which withstands freezing or harsh weather conditions indoors or outdoors. This will preserve the tree's shape and flourish, while you can reuse the basket for next year's holiday.

One thing you’ll love about these wicker baskets is their natural color. The beauty of Kim Chinh’s beige tone enhances the overall look of the Christmas tree and complements the festive atmosphere, making it more than just storage but an integral part of your ambiance.

2. Declutter holiday decor

Nothing beats having a solution for categorizing and tidying holiday decorations so you can quickly access them when needed. A large wicker storage basket can help you with that.

Our Kim Tan basket, for example, with its rectangular shape and large capacity, can store many decorative items like wrapping paper ornaments, ensuring an organized and stress-free setup for years to come.


Artera Home’s wicker storage basket for holiday decor in the living room

What sets the wicker basket apart is its neutral color, which fits in with any space style. That's why, when we're finished decking the halls, we’ll toss the extra decorations in it and set it by the fireplace or Christmas tree for easy cleanup and a put-together appearance in the living room.


3. Clean up your kid’s toys

During the holidays, kids get many toys as gifts, and they tend to leave a mess in their rooms or around the house after playing. That's when a wicker storage basket comes in handy.

Check out our Kim Chinh wicker baskets to satisfy your need for organized solutions. They are available in sets with sturdy handle structures that can easily store your kid’s toys and be carried around. With this storage, your kid's bedroom can be decluttered in a second. 

We love the texture of the beautiful water hyacinth weaving lines compared to other storage baskets. The beige tone looks elegant and will blend well with the other decor in your kid's room. 


Artera Home’s woven basket for toys in the kid’s room

4. Store and present your holiday gifts

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly holiday gift-wrapping option, opt for a wicker basket instead of traditional boxes. This basket, made from natural materials like water hyacinth or seagrass, is often durable and long-lasting. That means it can be reused multiple times, reducing the need for single-use wrapping paper or plastic bags.

We often choose wicker storage baskets with lids to wrap and organize gifts. This enhances the excitement of opening to see what’s inside. 

One of our best ways to showcase holiday gifts with a basket is to add ribbons and berry stems inside or around it for a decorative touch. For the ideal arrangement, put the baskets near the Christmas tree or the fireplace to trigger your guests' intentions. 


Crafted baskets for holiday gifts (Source: someevents.com)

5. Baskets instead of wreaths

Why settle for the traditional wreath when you can add a twist to your décor with a wicker storage basket? Unlike wreaths, wicker baskets provide a functional space to store items such as gloves, scarves, or even small packages, making it a versatile and convenient accessory for the holiday season. Besides, a woven storage basket with a brown or dark beige tone and plain weaving adds warmth and character to any space. 

One easy way to use a wicker storage basket as a decorative item is to place it on the front door. Start by attaching a pine cone and adding berry stems, either artificial or dried, for a pop of color and texture. Consider other seasonal items like miniature ornaments, sprigs of holly, or even a small ribbon bow to complete the look. Remember to secure the decorations firmly to the basket to withstand outdoor conditions.


Christmas baskets hanging on the front door (Source: George Buildings and Thistle Key Lane)

Woven baskets are a lifesaver when dealing with festive chaos. As you embark on your holiday preparation, don’t forget to explore our wicker basket collection for a beautiful and clutter-free season.