7 Tips For A Mindful Plant Home By Artera Home


Designing a plant home is a helpful way to cultivate a mindful home that fosters relaxation and well-being. With its ability to enhance indoor air quality and reduce stress, a plant home can create a more serene and mindful environment. In this blog, we will explore 7 practical tips to create a green haven for mindfulness.

How to decorate a mindful home with plants

1. Styling plants on shelves and tabletops

Tabletops are the top-of-mind space that most people think of when decorating their plants. However, there are also many options you can decorate your house with plants, like shelves and window sills. By placing plants in different areas of your living space, you can create visual interest and bring a touch of nature indoors. 



2. Hanging plants in macramé planters

Decorating your plant home with hanging plants in macramé or wall-mounted planters can add natural beauty and mindfulness. Macramé planters are stylish and versatile, while wall-mounted planters create unique displays. You can create a more mindful and refreshing living environment by incorporating these plant decor ideas.


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3. Creating a dedicated plant corner 

Having a plant corner in the house is ideal as a daily reminder to focus on the present moment and foster mindfulness. 

It’s a great way for plant lovers to showcase their affection for plants in their houses. Our friends have found it a fun DIY activity that lets them unleash their creativity. They enjoy experimenting with various plant species and containers to craft distinctive designs. Moreover, some have discovered that creating plant decor provides a wonderful opportunity for their family to engage in mindfulness practices and strengthen their bonds.



4. Harmonizing plant colors, textures with your existing decor

Mixing plant home decor successfully is about balance to avoid looking entirely clashing or too matchy-matchy. Consider the colors and textures of your existing furniture and decor accessories when choosing plants. Opt for plants with leaves in contrasting colors or shapes to add visual interest and dimension to your space. 


5. Choosing plant pots and containers that complement your interior style

Once you have chosen the right plants for your space, it’s time to find the mix-and-match planters. While many people usually opt for pots or containers that match the plants, we suggest you choose their material, color, and shape to match your existing decor. Complementing planters can be an excellent opportunity to add unique and eye-catching planters that serve as a statement piece in your living space.




6. Mixing and matching different plant varieties

Blending varieties of plants can allow for personalization. They allow you to create several distinct looks, depending on how you choose to go about it. For example, mixing plants with different leaf shapes, colors, and textures can create a dynamic and visually stunning display. 

This tip can also be a great way to incorporate plants with varying maintenance requirements, allowing you to showcase a wider variety of plant species.



7. Using eco-friendly materials for plant decor accessories

As a part of mindfulness, sustainability is one of the factors that most of us aim to have a mindful plant home. That’s why utilizing sustainable materials is necessary.

Natural materials like wood, bamboo, and water hyacinth not only add warmth and texture to your space but also complement the natural beauty of plants. Artera Home offers a collection of eco-friendly plant baskets for your mindful home. Choosing these materials also helps reduce your carbon footprint and supports ethical and responsible production practices.



Sustainable practices to maintain plant-mindful home

Choosing the right plants

When choosing plants for your plant home, it's essential to consider factors such as room size and maintenance requirements. Low-maintenance plants like pothos, snake, and spider plants are practical options that thrive in various light conditions for beginners.

One of the tips we usually apply to limited spaces is to hang plants or small succulents to add a touch of greenery without taking up too much room. Additionally, you can incorporate plants into your home decor by choosing unique planters or displaying your plants creatively. 


Proper care for your plant home

Creating a plant-friendly space is not just about choosing the right plants but also about providing them with proper care. To keep your plants healthy and thriving in your plant home, it's important to water and feed them according to their specific needs. Besides, providing enough light and temperature is crucial, as different plants have different light and temperature requirements. 

Besides, it is essential to choose plant care products that are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Consider using natural and organic products that are safe for plants and the environment. Look for plant care products certified by reputable organizations such as USDA Organic or OMRI Listed.



Emphasizing organic soil and natural fertilizers

Many people often forget this helpful tip when they are following to maintain a plant home since it requires meticulousness and time. Organic soil is rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that promote healthy plant growth, while natural fertilizers such as compost, worm castings, and bone meal provide essential nutrients without harming the environment. You can create a healthy and sustainable plant home using organic soil and natural fertilizers.


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Considering plant propagation and sharing within the community

Plant propagation and sharing within the community is a sustainable practice that benefits both the environment and the community. Propagating plants from cuttings or seeds not only saves money but also reduces the need to buy new plants, which can have a significant carbon footprint. Sharing plants with friends and neighbors is also a great way to build a sense of community and reduce waste. 

Embracing plant home decor can not only enhance the aesthetics of your living space but also promote a sustainable and mindful lifestyle. Let's create a sustainable future by incorporating plant decor into our homes today.