Artera Home’s Dining Table Decor For Delightful Holiday Meals


We eat with our eyes first before joining the holiday dinner. At Artera Home, we understand the importance of setting the stage to ensure a truly unforgettable dining experience. Explore our exquisite dining table decor collections to elevate your holiday table setting, making every moment special and visually delightful.

Layering Artera Home’s placemat

More than just safeguarding your table, placemats are crucial to the dining table for shielding against spills while adding style to your table setting at the same time.

Discover our placemat collections to adorn your table below.

1. Charming Hung Tien placemats

Sophisticated and woven in a star-shaped highlight, Hung Tien placemats have a way of making them outstanding with a combination of black and beige. These textures can blend with any table style, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

We always like to style Hung Tien placemats with small plates and make sure the plates fit within the star for a cohesive and visually pleasing arrangement. Don’t forget to add napkins with various folding styles on the plates, from pumpkins to Christmas trees, for stunning layering. 


Artera Home’s Hung Tien seagrass placemat set for a Christmas table setting

2. Elegant Hoi Ninh placemats

If you’re looking for some dining table decor ideas with an elegant touch, don’t miss out on our Hoi Ninh placemats. They boast a texture with the neutral colors black and beige, making them versatile to style with any dining table decor or dinnerware.

For a table decorated with vibrant items, elegant Hoi Ninh placemats will come in handy, soothing down yet retaining that festive vibe with a harmonious black and beige combination. You can opt for the black plates on top of the wicker placemats for a bit of contrast and to evoke a welcoming atmosphere. 


Artera Home’s Hoi Ninh woven placemats for a harmonious look

3. Rustic Quang Thien placemats

Who said the table has to be overcomplicated to be beautiful? An approachable table would radiate charm and save time for enjoying meals with family and friends.

That’s why we love to use our Quang Thien placemats for a simple touch for holiday table settings. They feature a sunburst design and a gentle natural brown tone that imparts rustic charm to any holiday occasion. These versatile placemats harmonize with various table styles and decor for simple yet festive gatherings with friends or family.

Imagine having your table ready for Christmas with 10-minute decorations with Quang Thien placemats. This placemat is time-saving for us, and all we need to do is place this placemat along with some simple plates and pine cones to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Artera Home’s Quang Thien wicker placemats for a rustic look

Adorn with Artera Home’s charger

We're all familiar with the typical usage of chargers – storing and serving food. But have you ever considered using them as decorative elements for your holiday table setting?

Explore Artera Home's Tan Thanh pearl charger for visual appeal this festive season. It's not just a functional storage item; it's also a versatile piece that adds a touch of sophistication to your dining space. The floral pattern in the middle makes it a unique and eye-catching addition to your table setting. 


Artera Home’s Tan Thanh pearl charger as a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Consider placing it as the centerpiece and enhancing its charm with additional decor like candles or flower vases for Thanksgiving setting. Another way to utilize this charger is to replace it with a chopping board to store snacks and fruits, adding an elegant touch to your dining table. 

Decorate with Artera Home’s Tray

We love harmonious table settings, but sometimes spicing things up with a little twist wouldn’t hurt. One of our best ways to do this is with serving trays.

We usually choose our vibrant large trays, like our Chat Binh rattan tray, a versatile addition to your dining table decor with braided rattan fibers and an orange honey tone. These pieces enhance the visual appeal of your setting and provide a sturdy base for each place setting, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your festive gatherings.


Artera Home’s Chat Binh rattan trays for festive gatherings

In conclusion, Artera Home's dining table decor offers a great dining experience for your holiday meals. Whether charming placemats, versatile chargers, or sophisticated trays, each piece will be functional and decorative, making your gathering memorable. As you prepare for the festive table decor, explore these accents to create a welcoming and stylish dining experience that aligns seamlessly with your unique style.