Cozy Up your Space with Artera Home’s Dining Table Decoration Items


We all know that good food and great company are the recipe for a perfect get-together. But did you know a cozy table setting can take it up a notch? If you're fed up with the same old decor, why not try spicing it with handmade decor? Explore our wicker dining table decoration items that can warm your space now!

Layering with Artera’s wicker placemats

We love layering our handcrafted placemats with dishes to create a cozy impression for people settling in to enjoy their meals. Unlike other dining tables, our woven placemats offer a tactile and warm sensation when layering due to their natural texture. Let’s scroll down to figure out what is special about our wicker table mats.

1. Hung Tien woven placemats

These placemats boast intricate weaving details made from seagrass and a distinctive star-shaped pattern in beige and black. Additionally, they offer practicality, allowing easy cleaning by simply wiping off dirty spots rather than requiring a full wash. This design sets the Hung Tien apart from their counterparts that often come in plain and dull linen or cotton. 

Styling the Hung Tien is not as hard as you think, thanks to its sophisticated yet versatile pattern. One of our approaches is to layer small plates within the star-shaped center, creating a visually appealing arrangement. Pairing these placemats with white dishes brings out their natural beauty for those who prefer a simple and cozy dining table decoration.


Artera Home’s Hung Tien table mats for a simple and cozy dining setting

If you aim for an elegant yet cozy ambiance, opt for dark-colored plates to match with the beige and black tones of the placemats. These versatile seagrass items allow you to customize your dining table decoration items according to your preferred style and mood.


Artera Home’s Hung Tien placemats for an elegant yet cozy look

2. Quang Thien seagrass placemats

Crafted from seagrass, Quang Thien placemats exhibit a unique sunburst design. These dining table decoration items have a gentle brown tone that enhances a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The brown hue also makes these seagrass table mats look versatile, allowing them to match any decor seamlessly. This also makes them ideal for those who appreciate a natural aesthetic and a soothing ambiance in their cozy dining table.

Placing the Quang Thien is easy because its versatility can complement various plate shapes, colors, and table styles without much thought. One of our simple ways to enhance the warmth with this neutral decor is to incorporate natural elements like flowers or greenery to foster a cozy look. 


Artera Home’s Quang Thien placemats for a soothing setting

Create a centerpiece with Artera’s trays and pearl charger

You might overlook the potential of trays and chargers if you think of them solely as storage items on your table. Discover how these two-in-one dining decors can also embellish the warm appeal.

1. Chat Binh rattan tray

Our Chat Binh rattan tray is like a ray of sunshine with its honey-brown tone, instantly adding warmth to your entire table. This unique tone also makes it ideal for an alternative center accent to a traditional flower vase or a giant food bowl. 

Moreover, the tray boasts a generous capacity for multiple storage options. This means you can create a cozy dining table by featuring flowers and candles in the centerpiece, all while efficiently saving space for the delightful spread of food. It's both a practical and warm addition to your eating experience.


Artera Home’s Chat Binh rattan tray with a vase of flowers and a candle 

2. Tan Thanh pearl charger

A cozy table setting only comes from vibrant decor. It can resemble the neutral, too. Choose our Tan Thanh pearl charger, which proves that a neutral palette can be just as inviting as a bright color. Along with its versatile floral pattern and shining pearl effect, it can adorn any dining setting for a luxurious yet soothing atmosphere. 

Beyond its appearance, the Tan Thanh can serve as a dual-purpose item—perfect for displaying your culinary delights and adding an elegant touch to the center of your table.

How to turn this charger into a truly cozy accent? Fill it with snacks or fruits and place it in the middle. To elevate its presence, position a bowl underneath. For extra coziness, surround the Tan Thanh with a scattering of candles, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your dining experience.


Artera Home’s Tan Thanh pearl charger at the centerpiece

Artera Home's dining table decoration items offer a range of handcrafted accents that can infuse any meal into a cozy and stylish experience, from placemats to trays. Check them out and see how your dinner can get a comfy vibe with any style!