Cozy Winter Home: 5 Simple Ideas To Apply from Artera Home


Creating a cozy winter home doesn't always require a complete makeover. With a few simple decor additions, you can infuse warmth and comfort into your living spaces. In this blog, we'll explore 5 cozy home decor ideas that are perfect for those who love a minimalist approach.

1. Warm up with the fireplace

Picture this – your living room basking in the soft glow of a fireplace, creating a comforting atmosphere. If you want to add some decorations, consider twinkling lights around the mantel to create a warm ambiance. These lights will complement the flickering flames, creating a cozy winter home

cozy home decor ideas with the fireplace

Twinkling lights around the mental in cozy winter home

Don't you have a fireplace? Fret not! We've got you covered with candles for cozy winter living room decor. Place candles on your living room table, creating pockets of serene ambiance. Another option is to turn on your TV and select a fireplace video that mimics the crackling flames and soothing sounds of a real fireplace.

A cozy living room with candles (Source: LTK and Lifeonkayderosscreek)

2. Ulitize throws and pillows

Blankets and pillows not only provide an ideal spot to snuggle in during chilly evenings but also serve as decorative elements. Drape soft, textured throws over couches or armchairs to add warmth. Consider utilizing our wicker baskets to store your blankets or pillows, creating an organized and cozy winter home.


Artera’s Binh Minh blanket baskets cozy up your living room


Kim Chinh round storage baskets double the warmth near the fireplace

3. Bring in the greenery for a cozy winter home

When the outdoors is covered in snow and cold, bringing in some natural elements can infuse your space with life and color. Opt for greenery decor such as simple wreaths, mini pine trees, or garlands. These pieces can be easily repurposed from your holiday decorations, allowing you to transition into a seasonal aesthetic. Enhance the coziness by placing these elements in Artera Home's woven baskets, adding elegance to a cozy winter home.


Winter wreaths above a fireplace in the living room (Source: Afloral)


Artera Home’s Kim Trung plant basket brings the natural and cozy look

4. Use warm lights

Nothing sets the mood for a cozy winter home like warm-toned lights. Opt for a soft glow to create a welcoming and snug atmosphere. These gentle, ambient lighting will add an inviting ambiance throughout your home. Don’t forget to experiment with different light fixtures and placements to find the perfect combination that suits your space.


Mixing different candles for an inviting look (Source: Decor Home Ideas and LTK)

5. Don’t forget the winter decor with earthy tone

Embrace the beauty of winter by incorporating elements with earthy tones and colors. Woven wall hangings, natural rugs, and wicker baskets in warm, earthy hues can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. These items bring a sense of grounding to your space, connecting you with nature even when the weather is cold outside. 


Artera’s earthy tone wicker basket with fluffy rug for a cozy living 


Artera’s Khanh Cuong wall decor creates a warm space

We hope these 5 ideas will prevent post-holiday voids after taking down the festive ornaments. With these ideas, you can simply cozy up your home for a warm winter retreat that you and your loved ones will adore. Don’t hesitate to explore our handicrafts for this season!