Decorative Plant Basket: 4 Suggestions For Your Home Style


We often overlook the importance of decorative plant baskets when incorporating nature elements into our home decor. In fact, we've all been there - finding the perfect plant for our home, only to realize that the basket it comes in doesn't quite fit with our style. That's why we've put together this blog to help you choose the right decorative plant basket for various home styles.

1. Indoor basket planter for bohemian oasis

Bohemian style emphasizes earthy colors and textures to create a personalized and eclectic look. A mix of brown and beige woven plant baskets is a go-to for decorating a boho living room, while a beige planter basket with a simple linear can add soothing atmosphere to your dining room.


Don’t forget to add a boho woven basket to foster relaxation in your bedroom, where you spend most of the time. Our favorite is a boho plant basket made from natural materials like seagrass or rattan for a relaxed and organic look. A fringe can be a nice-to-have accessory to your plant basket.



2. Decorative plant basket for a coastal retreat

Summer used to be an excuse to travel for coastal retreats. Now, we add some summer-spired planters to our home decor to enjoy a seaside retreat in our own home. 

We pick baskets made of light-colored materials like white or light-washed rattan with colors inspired by seas like white or sandy tones from the living to the dining room. Consider seashells or driftwood if you want some to add a statement to your indoor plant basket.


Source: White Bohemian Store and Plant Resort


3. Plant pot for minimalist zen home

When it comes to minimalist zen, simplicity is key. Paring large and medium plant baskets for plants is a great way to balance the living room. We love to focus on neutral shades like white to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Nothing beats the bedroom with a clean and simple basket made of bamboo or water hyacinth to create a serene space. 



4. Plant basket ideas for a vibrant jungle style

If you like intense forest feelings at home, a vibrant jungle-inspired plant basket is made for you. Try utilizing decorative plant baskets with vibrant hues that match the plants, like green and oranges. 

One thing to remember is that “more is more”. Adopting a maximalist approach can add personality and character to your jungle home. An easy way is to incorporate diverse large leafy plants like guinea shield or philodendron and hanging vines to create a lush and vibrant ambiance in your living room.


We hope that our suggestion comes in handy to create your dream natured-spired living spaces. If you're a rookie or already have a green thumb, explore more plant pots to show your creativity and personality. And a better way to do that is to check out our stunning collection of sustainable decorative plant baskets. You'll find the perfect baskets to match your style and build to last.