Lagom for Work-Life Balance: 4 Tips for Harmonizing Your Life

Imagine a life where you're neither overwhelmed by excess nor hustled. It is the heart of Lagom, a Swedish philosophy that encapsulates the concept of work-life balance through moderation. Join us as we delve into three tips for applying Lagom to your life to achieve a balanced and sustainable life.

1. Applying Lagom principles for work-life balance

Dreaming of that perfect work-life balance? You’re not alone! However, getting there can be challenging. That’s where Lagom steps in, with its “just enough” philosophy that’s a perfect fit for our busy lives. Lagom encourages us to apply this by prioritizing tasks and setting aside time for work and relaxation. 


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The balanced workspace concept is also at the core of Lagom, as it promotes an environment that's neither cluttered nor sterile – just right for fostering productivity and well-being. 


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2. Implementing self-care for sustainable well-being

Who doesn't love the idea of indulging themselves? At its essence, self-care is an ingredient for maintaining a work-life balance and an energy charger to set the tone for what lies ahead. Let's explore some Lagom-inspired self-care tips to nourish ourselves:

  • Set a morning routine for a soothing skincare regimen or a mood-enhancing shower in the bathroom.

  • Create a positive tone for a busy day through a simple yet fulfilling breakfast meal: a slice of bread and a cup of coffee.

  • Take a pause during the day to weave mindfulness and gratitude by practicing meditation or journaling - managing a work-life balance perspective amid chaos.


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  • Declutter and organize our surroundings for an unwinding and recharge environment, embodying the Lagom principle of "just enough”.


3. Find a partner to achieve Lagom lifestyle habits

Nothing beats having a companion to balance work and life. As a sustainable and balanced living brand, we would love to assist you on this journey. Versatile, durable, organized, and relaxing, our handicrafts's ethos can help you align seamlessly with the "just enough" principle of Lagom.

For instance, our wall art doesn't just adorn your walls; it adds depth to your reading corner, inviting you to unwind with a good book. Additionally, multipurpose storage baskets not only add beauty to your space but also serve as functional elements that adapt to your work-life balance needs. 


As you delve deeper into our offerings, you'll find that we champion a sustainable lifestyle through eco-friendly home decor crafted from natural materials. The focus is on "just enough" – selecting items that contribute purposefully and intentionally to your daily life. With Artera Home as your partner, your journey to a Lagom lifestyle becomes a seamless, intentional, and rewarding experience.

Incorporating Lagom principles isn't just a trend; it's a tangible path to a more harmonious work-life balance. By infusing it into self-care routines and mindful choices, you're stepping into a realm of contentment and well-being. We are here to guide you on this transformative journey, offering thoughtful decor that reflects your values and aspirations.