Artera Home Modern Farmhouse 2024: The Balance between The Old and The New

If you are interested in the antique Classic Farmhouse home but still appreciate the convenience of modernity, the Modern Farmhouse home style is the best choice in 2023.

Briefly speaking, Modern Farmhouse emphasizes minimalism and convenience in design while demonstrating the aesthetic of the Classic Farmhouse. Let’s discover how you can decorate your home in this style.

Characteristics of Modern Farmhouse style

1. Emphasize the convenience and minimalism

You only need to keep the items you find necessary for the comfort of living while ensuring aesthetics. The hardest part, of course, is knowing what household items are functional!

2. Innovate modern elements

To create a fresh and trendy feeling, modern items should be added. Still keeping the same colors or materials as Classic Farmhouse, the clean lines create a contrast with the overall traditional space and bring an entirely different feeling.

3. Apply natural materials

Sustainable living, which is mentioned too many times today, of course, can be applied to the Modern Farmhouse 2023. In addition to using wood, other materials such as water hyacinth, rattan, bamboo, and seagrass, are used for the closeness to nature.

Modern Farmhouse 2023 decor ideas for home spaces

1. Living room color & tone choices

In the living room, the favorite items are usually sofas with neutral tones, raw wooden tables, and chairs. Common colors are white, off-white, beige, and brown. These color tones bring neatness and cleanliness, combined with neat decorative lines, making the house more airy and spacious.

Modern Farmhouse 2023 styled with with seagrass wall baskets

The space of the house will usually be an open space to receive as much light as possible, both saving electricity and bringing a sense of connection with nature.

The second most commonly seen element is the lighting fixture, most common in black or golden. They will ensure that the Modern Farmhouse 2023 has enough light, bringing modern aesthetic features, and making the room more trendy.

white couch and brown wooden center table

Image source: Unsplash


2. Kitchen decorations

A full white kitchen will impress you at first glance. A wooden dining table with cushions is a unique combination of modernity and nature. Like the living room, you can open more windows to take advantage of natural light or add more lighting items such as chandeliers.

brown wooden open shelving with wicker basket

Also, an exciting thing about Modern Farmhouse 2023 is that you can keep the white and brown tones but replace the materials or furniture lines to bring a new feeling. For example, the table and chairs below are also wooden, but they are polished, along with clean lines, giving a modern feel.

white kitchen table next to wooden chairs


3. Upgrade your bedroom

The room will be maximized when only necessary items such as beds, pillows, and blankets are left. In the next step, you can thoroughly decide what decorations to add. To make the focal point for the minimal bedroom, wall decor made from natural materials is a worthy choice.

wood bed frame on white bed 

As an innovation from the Classic Farmhouse style, ensuring you have the space to decorate your home in your own way, the Modern Farmhouse style gives you a new look. Applying natural elements or modern items is a striking step for you to balance age and modern style. You can ultimately maintain the traditional beauty but still ensure comfort for the family.

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