4 Christmas Home Decor Tips for Relaxation and Reflection


The year is quickly coming to a close, and many are looking to unwind after a busy stretch. Rather than over-stimulating Christmas home decor, focus on using natural and subtle accents from Artera Home to create a peaceful retreat for rest and renewal as the calendar turns over.

Artera Home's neutral woven home decor and accessories are perfect for incorporating pops of seasonal color or pattern into your Christmas decor without going overboard. Their organic materials help enhance tranquility without distraction.

Whether you host family or prefer solo downtime, a restorative environment allows meaningful connection and renewal this time of year. Simple Artera Home pieces allow you to unwind quietly through the comforts of home.

Below are ideas for using their items to set a calming, minimalist scene where you can decompress and look forward with hope to Christmas decorations indoors or outdoors. Read on for holiday decorating inspiration that fosters tranquility through lighting, textures, scents, and more meaningful traditions with loved ones.

Tip 1. Creating a Tranquil Atmosphere

Beyond cozying up inside, spread holiday cheer outward with Artera Home's natural accents. Decorate your Christmas outdoor decorations with the colorful gift boxes placed in the large wicker basket along walkways to guide guests gently.

Soft mulled scents will also uplift outdoor arrivals in winter's chilly air. Simmer mulled apple cider, wine, or other seasonal potpourris on outdoor fire pits and place on Artera Home's rustic placemats or chargers for an inviting ambiance.

String dried eucalyptus, pinecones, or berries among greenery on your front door using jute twine for a naturally elegant wreath for Christmas outdoor decorations. Prop an urn brimming with similar florals beside your entrance for a sprightly welcome. Natural wood cutouts of "Peace" or "Joy" lean against the Artera plant basket to spread good cheer to passersby.


Front entryway with Christmas tree and Artera Home’s wicker baskets

Tip 2. A Retreat for Rest

Christmas home decor indoor, focus fireplace decorations like stockings, mantel garlands and photo displays around memorable moments of gratitude from the past year; don't forget to fill the fireplace wood into a big wicker basket. Surround with boxes of tealights, crystals or twinkle lights for reflection amidst flickering flames.


Cozy fireplace with stocks and Artera Home’s wicker baskets

Curl up under weighted blankets on sofas and bean bag chairs with calming pastimes. An Artera rattan tray beside the tree holds coffee, tea, and snacks replenished to fuel cozy activities like letter writing, sketching, or light reading. Play guided meditation or hymnal artist playlists at a low volume conducive to relaxation.


Artera Home’s rattan tray served as the living room centerpiece and cookie storage

Tip 3. Connections with Company

While short daylight hours may limit outdoor play, designating cozy family Christmas home decor indoors allows multi-generational recreation near a live fire. Lay kosam interlocking carpet tiles under the Artera Home wicker basket for a plush seating area near the hearth.

Provide natural board games, crafts, and books in medium to large wicker baskets within reach. For the younger ones, trace outlines of pinecones or menorahs onto kraft paper using crayons to color in. Older children may enjoy drawing their vision board for 2024 on cards to display.

Encourage mindfulness for Christmas tablescapes by lighting candles centered on Artera pearl chargers or rattan ray. Pass family-style servings of comfort foods alongside warm mulled cider simmered sweetly on the stove. Group photos or reminders of gratitude dot the walls to foster tradition and togetherness despite external chaos. Or, in case you have more than one blank wall, Artera Home wicker wall decor can help.


Christmas dining table with Artera Home’s tray and placemat

Tip 4. Looking Forward with Hope

Usher in a new season of growth by closing the chapter gently with solace and self-care. On New Year’s Eve, is spielmans fur or alpaca throws around an outdoor fire pit while gazing at twinkling string lights adorning trees and eaves troughs.


Woman’s hands writing journal on Christmas (Source: Canva)

Toast the close of 2023 with mugs of warm kombucha, tea, or cocoa topped with homemade whipped cream. Heartfelt letters or vision boards mapping dreams for 2024 rest atop woven planters, ready to manifest positively.

With Artera Home’s calm and natural spirit infused throughout your home space, rest easy knowing you have prepared the nest for renewal. Come sunrise on the first morning, you’ll wake refreshed and smiling, eager to turn a hopeful new page.