How To Warm-up Your Space in Scandinavian Decor?


The Scandinavian decor style brings bright and airy space to your home on dark days of winter. White color is for dwindling daylight hours and greenery is to make up alternative barren trees outside. However, tan, gray and black is also its palette. Further, the material comes from natural - wood floors, mats, and light wood. Which one is suitable for your home?

1. Nature Scandinavian home decor for inspiration

Instead of choosing bright statement hues for Scandinavia, you can opt for colors inspired by Artera's natural home. Because it styles easily and doesn't look forced. For instance, green plants match mottled cedar or charcoal up. It's like nature's secrets will have a conversation with yours. If you worry about taking rust colors, you just start with small pieces for decorating.

Scandinavian decor accents-natural

Scandinavian decor accents-wicker plant pot   

Nature Scandinavian decor style for inspiration   

2. Greenery is a Scandinavian decor accent to experiment with color

As you noticed, green plants are uppermost in people's minds. Every shopfront and home on the street has a windowsill packed with cactus or succulent plants. Aside from adding a touch of life and texture to a home style, plants also inject color. Excitingly, the Scandinavian decor style isn't actually green. As a substitute, take plant accents to the room like dried red leaves or a purple-tinged rubber plant.

Scandinavian decor accents-laundry 

Incorporate natural greenery for Scandinavian home decor 

3. Stay simple with Scandinavian decor 

Scandinavian decor accents-wicker baskets with lid

Scandinavian decor style is simple with a wicker basket 

To show the Scandinavian decor style delicacy of the living space, the best way is to keep it simple. In the open living room, wicker plant pots and a vibrant vase draw attention to the room without losing outstanding features. You also love woven wall decor that complements the good atmosphere of your home.

Scandinavian minimalist decor-wicker wall basket decor

Decorate your living room simply with Artera Home’s Khanh Cong wall decor

4. Don't be afraid of the dark of following a Scandinavian minimalist decor

Scandinavian decor is well-known for its bright colors. However, it doesn't mean that your home never uses dark colors. For instance, you can paint a whole room black and decorate bright items. By contrast, you can incorporate small dark pieces of accents. The woven wall decor goes with a black sofa in the living room. Even this contrast is without darkening.

Scandinavian minimalist decor-rattan charger

Scandinavian minimalist decor-water hyacinth basket

Use dark tones for the Scandinavian decor style

The Scandinavian decor style has become a design trend in recent years. With modern living space design ideas that are simple yet warm and practical. Hopefully, the article has provided you with ways to cozy up your space in a Scandinavian style. Follow Artera Home for updates on other great articles!