4 Tips To Choose A Suitable Basket To Put Blankets In


We all know that wicker baskets are game-changers for organizing those messy throws, but finding the ideal one for your space can be a puzzle. In this blog, we're breaking down four tips to guide you in choosing the most suitable basket to put blankets in

Tip 1. Finding suitable sizes

Size matters when selecting a wicker basket to put blankets in. Consider the size of different spaces, like the living room and bedroom

The ideal height for a blanket basket in the living room is between 15" and 20", equal to the height of a sofa seat or couch. This ensures the throws can be conveniently tucked away when unused or easily taken out when you want to snuggle up with your cozy quilts.

Looking for a suitable basket to put blankets in the winter? Check out the Kim Hai wicker basket. They nail the perfect blend of height and storage capacity for your 2-3 throws in the living room. 

If you’re looking for a basket to put blankets in the bedroom, consider the size below: 

  • Small to medium size: 12–18 inches in diameter and 10–14 inches in height. This size comfortably holds one or two blankets, keeping them neatly tucked away.

  • Large size: 18–24 inches in diameter and 14–18 inches in height. It is ideal for accommodating multiple quilts without feeling cramped.

  • Oversized: Opt for a large basket for extra-thick or bulky blankets like chunky knit blankets or comforters. Look for diameters of 24 inches or more and heights of 18 inches or more.

Are you worried that using a wicker basket might leave scratches on your beloved blankets? That’s because you haven't discovered the handcrafted baskets made from water hyacinth yet! These handicrafts come with a soft texture that ensures your throws stay cozy without the risk of any scratches.

At Artera Home, our basket to put blankets in is made from water hyacinths. This is to provide a gentle storage solution for your quilts in the winter. 

Tip 3. Consider the shape of a basket to put blankets in

Choosing a wicker basket with a fine appearance and tight lines is essential when storing your blankets during the winter. The fine shape ensures that your quilts are neatly organized and easily accessible when needed.

Therefore, opt for wicker baskets with a firm texture, preferably with a metal frame, to provide ample support and keep your throws in shape. Avoid distorted or flimsy ones that may compromise the organization of your blankets.

Our Thuong Kim wicker is the best basket to put blankets in if you want to organize your bedroom. The firm shape with close-knitted weaving lines makes this handwoven basket a safety nest without worrying about the throws falling out on the floor. 

Tip 4: Don’t forget the wicker blanket basket with lid

Lids aren't just for show—they're practical, too. They shield your blankets from dust, keeping them fresh and clean. Plus, when closed, the lid doubles as a tidy table in your living room or bedroom. Take our Binh Minh hamper basket, for example. With its oval shape and lids, this wicker is an ideal choice for living room throws storage or a bedside table. 

We hope these 4 tips for choosing a suitable basket to put blankets in will be handy with you during the winter season. Don’t forget to explore our wide range of wicker and create an organized home this season.