Go Green with Artera Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas


As Easter is around the corner, many of us are wondering how to reduce the large amount of waste generated after each holiday. Therefore, we suggest an alternative solution: eco-friendly Easter baskets to make your holiday much more sustainable.

Why choose a natural Easter basket as a sustainable alternative

When searching for Easter ornaments, we couldn't help but notice a lot of plastic ones that can be soon thrown away after the holiday. With the large money spent on Easter each year (up to $18 billion), the environmental impact of total waste is simply serious. We believe that there are greener options available for a more zero-waste Easter celebration instead.

The primary greenest alternative we have come across is to reuse wicker baskets. Unlike single-use plastic or foam options, these baskets have a more sustainable life cycle. They are made from organic matter that can decompose and return to the soil naturally within a shorter time frame.

What's more, you can keep using these baskets as storage containers or room decorations after Easter, which helps reduce the amount of waste after holiday celebrations.

Artera Home Ecofriendly Easter Basket


A natural Easter basket as a sustainable alternative

Materials for green Easter baskets

Artera Home wicker baskets are crafted entirely of natural materials like seagrass and water hyacinth. You can also opt for using recycled paper, cloth, burlap sacks, wooden boxes, or metal pails.

What’s more, these baskets are crafted in a process that minimizes the environmental effect. Our sustainability commitment reflects on utilizing natural resources such as fibers and sunshine, reducing water consumption, and creating recyclable baskets. See our complete production process here.

Artera Ecofriendly Easter Basket Material


Artera Home wicker baskets are crafted entirely of natural materials like seagrass and water hyacinth 

Choosing materials that are made with the environment in mind and using them for eco-friendly Easter baskets means that you can greatly minimize your daily carbon footprint. Moreover, you can unwind knowing that your green Easter baskets are not only attractive and functional but also considerate of the safety of family and loved ones. The fact is that they don't include any dangerous chemicals or additives that might trigger allergic responses or other health problems.

Creative ideas for taking advantage of zero-waste Easter basket

The concept of a sustainable Easter basket is an innovative and motivational one that could influence how we celebrate Easter. Here are a few ideas that may grab your attention if you're seeking new ways to utilize this theme.

1. Use for an Easter egg hunt

Artera Home Phat Diem seagrass basket is a great option if you want to make your baby's first Easter special. Its durability guarantees that it can survive the test of time and develop with your child. Beyond the holiday, we prefer reusing them as storage containers for toys, books, snacks, or other household items.

Artera Ecofriendly Easter Basket


Artera Home’s Phat Diem seagrass basket is used for an Easter egg hunt 

2. Turn into a natural decoration for your home

Whether going for a traditional or modern Easter look, eco-friendly baskets offered by Artera Home can elevate your holiday aesthetic. To make a charming display, include some bunny figurines, or use them as holders for Easter decorations.

Artera Home Ecofriendly Easter Basket


Turn into a natural easter basket for your home 

3. Serve Easter coffee container

Offischerly, our close friend has an amazing suggestion for setting up an eco-friendly coffee corner this Easter. She incorporates woven baskets as a natural aesthetic element while utilizing them to store coffee essentials, then spruce them with colorful cloth napkins for added flair. Finally, the spring vibe is established with the addition of fresh flowers that will enhance the overall aesthetics of the container.

Artera Home Ecofriendly Easter Basket


Kim Chinh wicker basket serves as an Easter coffee container

4. Re-using your Easter baskets

Beyond the Easter celebration, repurposing your Easter baskets is an excellent way for a sustainable home. We have some suggestion to maximize their use without ending up in the storage room:

    • Bedding for garden plants: Instead of placing the plant directly, keep the potted plant inside the basket as a home for small plants like flowers or herbs. Don’t forget to dry it regularly to prevent mold growth.

    • Gift basket: Fill the basket with little treats, add a bow, and your gift basket is all set.

    • Donation to children: Collect Easter-themed goodies and pack them into baskets to distribute to children in need. Keep in mind the age and interests of the children you're donating to.

    • Picnics or outings companion: Make your Easter baskets into beautiful and functional picnic baskets to carry snacks, sandwiches, and drinks for a day out in the park

Artera Home Easter Ecofriendly Basket

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We believe holidays (or every day) offer an opportunity to make a difference. Together, we can contribute to investing in our planet for a more sustainable future. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable home!