Embrace our Earth with Artera Home's Sustainable Home Product


In the era that sustainability has turned into practice, we can no longer purchase without considering our home goods’ impact on the environment. The decision-making process also becomes much more complex among thousands of sustainable home products. Don’t worry! We are here to help you find your essentials easier.

We are soon impressed by sustainable home products

On the way to bringing sustainability closer to our community, we found that investing in sustainable home products can generate more benefits than we expected. They are well-designed to minimize the environmental impact while providing the same level of quality and functionality that our beloved people expect.

Artera Home's sustainable home products


Each sustainable product we purchase, such as a woven basket, or a handcrafted placemat, is not only an affordable item but also a long-term investment in our lives. Keep scrolling down to discover our collection of affordable products made from natural materials.

Artera Home's sustainable home products


What we keep in mind when choosing sustainable alternatives

Just a quick note for you, when you are going to purchase any home goods, it’s important to check the materials carefully. Here are a few requirements for our materials, which you can take for reference:

Why Artera Home materials are sustainable alternatives

Take more information about our materials here.


Artera Home highly-recommend green living products

1. Kim Dinh Wicker Basket - Set of 4

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional storage bins or plastic containers, the Kim Dinh basket set can be a worthwhile investment. Woven from natural materials, they offer a rustic look while keeping everything easily accessible. We love the design that integrates the handle into the basket body, which helps save space as well as fit any corner.

 Kim Dinh Wicker Basket - Set of 4

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2. Phat Diem Seagrass Wicker Basket

Phat Diem’s crisscross weaving method, rooted in Vietnamese culture, creates a sturdy frame that is perfect for long-term use. What's even better is that the entire process is done by hand, without the use of harmful chemicals. Not only will you have a beautifully crafted basket, but you can also ensure your health in the long run.

Phat Diem Seagrass Wicker Basket

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3. Yen Loc Cube Wicker Baskets - Dark - Set of 3

These baskets feature dark weaves that bring a unique, eye-catching look to any room. And don't worry about the dye - it's environmentally friendly and safe for your family members. Made from water hyacinth, these baskets are not only eco-friendly but also durable and long-lasting.

Yen Loc Cube Wicker Baskets - Dark - Set of 3

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4. Kim Chinh Storage Basket - Set of 3

By taking advantage of the abundant water hyacinth materials, we're able to create something beautiful and functional. With the natural sturdiness and toughness of water hyacinth, this basket is perfect for storing a large variety of items. Just make sure to keep it clean and dry by regularly exposing it to sunlight to remove any dust and moisture.

Kim Chinh Storage Basket - Set of 3

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5. Kim Trung Plant Basket

We often call Kim Trung the “shield” of our plants. Not only can it cover our plants from dirt, insects, but it also upgrades the potted plant look. The basket's design is inspired by traditional Vietnamese handicrafts while featuring intricate weaving patterns and a natural color palette. The basket's timeless design and high-quality craftsmanship make it a durable and long-lasting investment piece for any home.

Kim Trung Plant Basket

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6. Tan Thanh Pearl Charger - Set of 3

If you’re rounding up for something to elevate your dining or serving setup while still prioritizing sustainability and ethical sourcing, check out Tan Thanh mother-of-pearl serving tray. The use of mother-of-pearl adds a luxurious feel to the product, making it a statement piece that will surely impress your guests.

Tan Thanh Pearl Charger - Set of 3

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7. Hung Tien Placemats - Set of 6

As 25% more trash is thrown away at year-end holidays, we find the waste-reducing solution on seagrass placemats. The production of Hung Tien placemats does not require any harmful chemicals. Basically, the main material - seagrass itself is grown without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Also, we can use them at any time such as daily serving, or holiday parties.

Hung Tien Placemats - Set of 6

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8. Quang Thien Placemats - Set of 6

Similar to the Hung Tien placemat, Quang Thien is made entirely by hand. When they get dirty, just wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them. These round woven placemats not only add a touch of natural elegance to your tablescape but also support artisans who use traditional techniques to create these beautiful, sustainable products.

Quang Thien Placemats - Set of 6

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9. Khanh Cuong Wall Décor - Set of 3

The intricate design of the two big cheery flowers creates a sense of depth and texture, making them stand out as a focal point on your wall. Hand-woven by our skilled artisans, this set also embraces Vietnamese traditional beauty into your home.

Khanh Cuong Wall Décor - Set of 3

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10. Khanh Cong Wall Décor - Set of 4

By combining electric weaving lines and textures, Khanh Cuong stands out even when separated. You can hang them anywhere without fear of harming your wall. To preserve their colors for a long time, it is important to keep them away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Khanh Cong Wall Décor - Set of 4

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Investing in sustainable home products can be a small change, but it makes a significant impact on both the environment and your wallet. So don’t hesitate to start this small action right away. Remember that no matter how you execute, we are always here to support you.