How To Choose Perfect Woven Wall Decorations For a Cozy Space


If you're tired of the same old hanging decor that lacks that warm touch, you're in the right place. We understand the struggle of finding the perfect wall art that fits your home and creates the relaxed and comfy atmosphere you crave. In this blog, we're here to spill the beans on the top 4 tips for choosing woven wall decorations—a surefire way to add a touch of warmth and style to your space.

1. Consider the size of the woven wall decorations

Selecting the perfect size for woven wall decor is crucial to achieving a snug and cozy ambiance, ensuring your room feels just right—not too large or cramped.

If you’re wondering how to style different woven wall art sizes in your own space, especially those that come in sets, consider our tips below:

  • Set of 3: Opt for a wall space around 24" wide. Allow at least 6" of space between each piece and nearby objects.


Artera Home’s woven wall decorations set of 3

  • Set of 4 or 5: Select a wall area approximately 36" wide. Ensure a minimum of 8" of space between each piece and the surrounding objects.


Artera Home’s wicker wall baskets of 4

  • Set of 6+:  Select a wall span that's 48" wide or larger, allowing your wicker wall decor to be the center of attention. Leave at least 10" of space between each piece and the surrounding objects.


Artera Home’s wicker wall baskets of 9

2. Opt for textured elements in a wicker wall basket

When it comes to woven wall decorations, textured elements are the secret sauce for enhancing your space. With an organic and natural aesthetic, it stands out from traditional options like canvas, offering a unique touch. Besides, the tactile quality of this hanging decor not only adds a deep and visually interesting ambiance but also fosters a connection to nature, bringing a sense of grounding and tranquility to your room.

Look at our Khanh Cong wicker wall basket for an example. Crafted from seagrass, these four pieces showcase a captivating blend of geometric and floral patterns. Each is woven with precision for a close-knit, intricate design. The twisted weaving creates a cozy ambiance in your room. When paired with soft, ambient lighting, the unique patterns come to life, casting warm shadows and infusing the space with comfort. 


Artera Home’s Khanh Cong wall art in the bedroom and dining room

Unlike the Khanh Cong, the Khanh Hong woven wall decor set is made from natural brown water hyacinth. With an open, plain weave, this collection offers a minimalist yet cozy aesthetic, perfect for those who prefer a lighter texture. One thing that makes this three-wall piece different from the intricate four ones is its identical design for all three, making them versatile additions to any area.


Artera Home’s Khanh Hong wall decor above an entryway table

3. Use warm and soothing colors

Colors play a pivotal role in setting the mood, and when it comes to woven wall decorations, the right hues can elevate your room to new heights of coziness. Opt for warm, soothing tones like earthy neutrals, soft pastels, or deep, rich shades. These colors can create a sense of comfort and unwinding. 

In comparison to flat and static images, wicker wall decor can add dimension and create a home accent that enhances the coziness of any room.

With its eye-pleasing brown tone, Khanh Cuong wall decor becomes a testament to creating warmth. Besides, its texture is ideal for spaces like your living room to provide a serene backdrop that complements various styles. 


Artera Home’s Khanh Cuong wall art in the living room

4. Balance with other elements in the room

Creating a cozy space is more than mere aesthetics; it's an art of balance that encompasses warmth, comfort, and harmony. To achieve this, the key is to design an environment where you feel comfortable and truly at ease. To achieve this, woven wall decorations play a crucial role, offering a tactile and visual experience that harmonizes with your existing decor

Kim Son's wall decor is a testament to the artistry of handwoven jute fibers. Crafted into a sunburst pattern, this set of three boasts a neutral color palette, ensuring effortless integration with any home decor. The consistency in design across the set simplifies styling, allowing for easy coordination without clashing with other decorative elements. Whether adorning your bedroom or any other space, Kim Son brings warmth and charm to create a cozy haven.


Artera Home’s Kim Son wicker wall baskets in the bathroom

Unlike Kim Son, the Khanh Trung woven wall art is minimal in design with a neutral color palette. It effortlessly complements various decor, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a farmhouse-inspired vibe. Our favorite way to infuse coziness with these two rustic decorations is to style them on the wall in the living room for a soothing touch.


Artera Home’s Khanh Trung woven wall art in the farm-house living room

Woven wall decorations offer many benefits for creating a warm living space. These art pieces' intricate patterns and textures add depth and warmth to any room, instantly bringing a soothing atmosphere to your home. Don’t hesitate to explore our wicker wall decor for a cozy ambiance that envelops you in comfort and style.