Organize Your Space with Artera Home Small Wicker Baskets


If you're looking for a perfect storage solution for your personal items like skincare products, jewelry, combs, and toothbrushes, look no further than small wicker baskets. At Artera Home, we offer a range of wicker baskets specifically designed to meet your needs. Let's explore five wicker baskets to organize your space from home office to kids room. 

1. Pantry

When it comes to organizing your pantry, our Kim Chinh small wicker basket with handle are an excellent choice. These rectangular-shaped baskets feature a sturdy handle, ensuring easy access to your stored items. With a suitable basket depth and a durable woven pattern, you'll experience a satisfying feeling every time you take items in and out.

Besides, the set of three baskets caters to various storage needs, allowing you to store up to six big snacks and three drinks effortlessly.


Artera Home’s Kim Chinh storage baskets organizing your pantry shelf

2. Kitchen countertop

For quick and convenient access to your kitchen essentials, our Kim Dong small wicker baskets are a perfect fit. These round baskets can be an organizer for small items storing spices and fruits, keeping your kitchen organized without taking a lot of space.


Kim Dong round wicker baskets storing napkins and plates on kitchen countertop

3. Bathroom vanity

You can’t miss our Kim Dinh wicker baskets when you’re looking for small wicker baskets for bathroom vanity. These rectangular-shaped wonders are perfect for keeping your area clutter-free or storing extra products on shelves. With their ample storage capacity, you can maintain a neat and tidy bathroom while adding a touch of sophistication.


Artera Home’s Kim Dinh wicker baskets for tidy up your bathroom countertop

4. Home office

If you're looking to declutter your home office, our Phat Diem seagrass small wicker baskets come to the rescue. Shaped like a rhombus and offering ample depth, these baskets are ideal for categorizing your stationery items on shelves.


Phat Diem small seagrass wicker baskets for decluttering the bookshelf

5. Kids room

Keeping your kids' toys organized can be a challenge, but with our Kim Chinh small wicker baskets, you can solve this problem effortlessly. These rhombus-shaped baskets, similar to the Phat Diem seagrass wicker baskets, fit perfectly under the bed, saving floor space. Your little ones will love having a designated spot for their toys, and you'll appreciate the tidy and clutter-free environment.


Kim Chinh wicker baskets organizing kids room

Small wicker baskets can come in handy when storing your small stuff around the house. And our organizer for small items surely will be a choice that you’re looking for whether you need storage in your pantry, kitchen countertop. Start organizing your space with our baskets today!