Traditional Village In Vietnam: Discovering Beauty That Inspires

As we explore the allure of traditional villages in Vietnam, we find ourselves filled with awe and wonder. These villages have long served as a source of inspiration for our home decor collection, and today we are excited to unveil the beauty they possess and how they inspire us.

The Beauty of Traditional Village in Vietnam

1. Rich cultural heritage

These villages offer a glimpse into Vietnam's past, showcasing unique characteristics of each craft village in their cultural heritage of making crafts like pottery, silk, and lanterns. Some of the famous craft villages are Bat Trang pottery craft village, Hoi An lantern village, Van Phuc silk craft village,...


Bat Trang pottery collection from craft villages in Vietnam (Source: Istock)

The cultural heritage of handicrafts in these villages originated as a means of livelihood but has been passed down through generations, becoming a way of life and tradition among the people. Traditional villages in Vietnam serve as centers of specialized craftsmanship where artisans honed their skills and perfected their techniques over time. The knowledge and expertise in these crafts were traditionally transmitted within families, with parents teaching their children the artistry and craftsmanship required for each specific craft.


Artisan’s hands are weaving seagrass and water hyacinth materials

2. Picturesque landscapes

Vietnamese villages are adorned with picturesque landscapes that captivate the senses and contribute to their innate beauty. The architectural elements found in these craft villages harmonize seamlessly with their natural surroundings, creating a visually stunning environment. As one explores these villages, winding alleyways lined with ancient trees beckon, offering a sense of enchantment and tranquility. 


Beautiful landscape of Kim Son craft village

3. Close-knit communities

Another remarkable aspect of traditional craft villages is the close-knit communities that thrive within them. The beauty of these villages lies in supporting each other in work and daily life. The spirit of solidarity exhibited by the villagers reflects a long-standing tradition among the Vietnamese people, resonating from ancient times to the present day.


Artisans are working and enjoying meals together

4. Customs and festivals

From elaborate ceremonies honoring ancestors to lively festivals celebrating harvests or craft traditions, each event brings the community together in joyous celebration. These customs and festivals not only preserve the traditional architecture, customs, and ways of life but also serve as a vibrant showcase of the traditional craft village in Vietnam's cultural identity, captivating visitors with their beauty, vitality, and the profound connection they foster between past and present.


Tran Temple Festival in Ninh Binh province

How traditional craft villages in Vietnam inspire us

1. Preserving the traditional heritage

Admired by the rich heritage of traditional villages in Vietnam, we collaborate with artisans from Kim Son Craft Village, to bring the handicrafts to homes around the world. This action is to ensure that traditional crafts and artisanal skills are valued and preserved. 

This collaboration not only supports the livelihoods of the artisans but also allows their crafts to reach a global audience, creating a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation.


Seagrass wicker baskets from Kim Son craft villages

2. Incorporating village essence into home decor

Kim Son, a traditional village in Vietnam, epitomizes the spirit of Vietnamese craftsmanship. It is a place where tradition and innovation intertwine, where artisans pay homage to their ancestors while infusing contemporary elements into their creations. 


Kim Son craft villages in Vietnam

Understanding that, we have utilized the craftsmanship of hand-woven materials sourced from the artisan village of Kim Son to create handmade products that embody the essence of the craft village while incorporating a modern touch within your home. From intricately woven baskets to stylish wall hangings, these pieces add a touch of elegance and warmth to any home.


The diverse in category of Artera Home handicraft offerings

In conclusion, traditional villages in Vietnam provide a wealth of inspiration for Artera Home's decor. By exploring the beauty and cultural richness of these villages, Artera Home brings the stories, traditions, and craftsmanship of artisans to homes around the world. Let’s explore our handcrafted collections and experience the beauty of traditional Vietnamese decor today.