Unraveling 5 Misunderstandings About Using Water Hyacinth Basket


Water hyacinth is a popular eco-friendly choice, commonly used in making wicker baskets. At Artera Home, we love utilizing water hyacinth to create beautiful and sustainable baskets. However, there are some misconceptions about using baskets made from this material. In this blog, we are here to unravel these misunderstandings, such as can water hyacinth basket get wet.

1. Water hyacinth baskets cannot be painted or dyed

Many people believe that water hyacinth baskets cannot be painted but the truth is that they can be! The natural texture of water hyacinth may make it slightly challenging for paint to adhere directly to the surface. However, with some preparation, you can achieve stunning painted water hyacinth baskets.


Artera Home’s water hyacinth baskets with natural and dyed colors

To paint a water hyacinth basket, start by cleaning the surface thoroughly to remove any dirt or residue. Then, apply a primer specifically designed for natural fibers to ensure better paint adhesion. Finally, use suitable paints or dyes, such as acrylic or fabric paint, to achieve the desired color. 

2. Can water hyacinth basket get wet

There's a common misconception that a water hyacinth storage basket is waterproof because it’s made from an aquatic plant. While they do offer some resistance to water damage, prolonged exposure to water can weaken the fibers and lead to deterioration.


Yen Loc dark cube wicker baskets placing outdoor near the pools

If your water hyacinth baskets do get wet, it is essential to dry them thoroughly. Avoid soaking them in water or leaving them in a damp environment for an extended period of time. Instead, gently blot any moisture and place them in a well-ventilated area to air dry. 

3. Water hyacinth basket is not durable enough for use in home decor

Some people believe that water hyacinth baskets are not durable enough for home decor as the fiber is soft and tender. However, the truth is that it can be quite durable and sturdy due to its big and thick traits that can weave into firm lines of the baskets.

Like any natural material, they're not immune to damage, so care must be taken to prevent rough handling or excessive weight that could cause tearing or other damage. For more detailed cleaning and maintenance instructions, tap to explore our guidance now!


Cleaning a water hyacinth basket with a damp cloth

4. Water hyacinth basket only fits a specific style

Contrary to popular belief, water hyacinth organizers are not limited to rustic or coastal styles. With their neutral tones and versatile aesthetic, water hyacinth baskets can seamlessly blend into various design aesthetics, including modern and minimalist. Their light brown color adds warmth and texture to any space, making it a versatile choice for all home decor styles.


Kim Chinh wicker baskets on a living room’s cabinet

If you’re looking for water hyacinth baskets, explore our collection of various sizes and shapes of wicker baskets for organizing and adorning your home space


Artera Home’s water hyacinth basket collections 

5. Water hyacinth basket is suitable for all home environments

While water hyacinth baskets can complement various decor styles, their suitability depends on factors like moisture levels and sunlight exposure. Extremely humid environments or constant exposure to rain may not be ideal for water hyacinth, so it's essential to consider the specific characteristics of your home environment before incorporating these baskets into your decor.


Kim Dong water hyacinth baskets on the bathroom floor

In conclusion, we hope this blog has clarified all of the common misunderstandings surrounding the use of these light brown storage and can water hyacinth basket get wet. We believe that by unraveling these misconceptions, you will make better decisions when it comes to incorporating wicker baskets made from water hyacinth into your home decor. Don’t forget to explore our water hyacinth collection to organize and beautify your home today!