Vietnamese Decorations: Exploring A Blend of Handicraft Techniques and Modern Design


Join us today as we unveil how we seamlessly incorporate Vietnamese handicraft techniques into our exceptional home decor collection, infusing your living spaces with a new wave of artistry straight from Vietnam.

Craftsmanship category of Artera Home’s home decor

In Vietnam, there is a rich tapestry of handicraft traditions, including weaving, pottery, carpentry, and more. At Artera Home, we partnered with Kim Son craft village specializing in the art of weaving to bring the essence of tradition to your home. 


Artisans are weaving placemats

Vietnamese handicraft techniques in weaving product

When it comes to weaving in Vietnam, there are a variety of techniques that depend on the materials used, such as bamboo, rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth. At Artera Home, we incorporate these techniques mostly in weaving seagrass and water hyacinth. Let’s explore each weaving technique below: 

 1. Water hyacinth weaving techniques: 

  • Rolled weave: water hyacinth rolling around the seagrass core to create a rope then linked together. Owing to solid, thick features, the rolled weave of water hyacinth is greatly suitable for storage & organization items such as water hyacinth baskets.

  • Twisted weave: 2 water hyacinth stalks twisted together. This will apply for storage & organization and home decorations such as water hyacinth baskets, indoor planters, decorative vases, trays, lampshades, etc.

  • Rice nut weave:  2 water hyacinth stalks woven to create a rice nut look for woven storage baskets as well as diverse Vietnamese decorations wholesale such as indoor planters, trays, wall decor plates, table placemats, vases, lampshades, mirror frames as well as handbags. 

  • Arrow weave: 3 water hyacinth stalks braided into a rope then use ropes woven into a product. Use mostly in making storage baskets.

  • Open asterisk weave: multiple water hyacinth woven into an asterisk pattern for storage. Use mostly in making storage baskets.

  • Close fat weave: This style features a plain weave which has water hyacinth stalks cross up and down each other. Use in storage, organization and home Vietnamese decorations.


6 famous weaving styles of water hyacinth of Vietnamese decorations

2. Seagrass weaving techniques:

  • Split weave: The seagrass plant is split into long thin strands by machine, then these strands are woven directly into a product for storage.

  • Twisted weave: Twisted seagrass is a sub-material created by twisting multiple strands. These ropes are then woven to make wholesale seagrass baskets.

  • Braided weave: A braided seagrass rope is formed by braiding multiple seagrass strands, embracing a rustic touch. Braided seagrass is mainly for producing baskets, as well as planters, rugs, placemats, trays,..

  • Coiled weave: multiple seagrass strands are tightly coiled with plastic threads to create products. You may find coiled seagrass in laundry baskets, storage baskets, baby moses baskets, indoor planters, trays, pet baskets and wall decor plates.

  • Pressed weave: Once seagrass is flattened by machine to become soft and flat, seagrass strands are woven into the product like storage baskets, indoor planters, placemats, shopping bags,..

  • Wrapped weave: Wrapped seagrass is a technique of wrapping plastic strings around seagrass into a rope, then weaving or linking these ropes neatly into products.


6 famous weaving styles of seagrass

How Artera Home incorporates traditional into modern design

It's time for the most expecting part in this blog, the secret behind our Vietnamese decorations that intertwines tradition and modern. 

1. Mixing traditional and modern traits

  • Artera Home combines traditional and modern elements in its design approach. Each weaving style and technique is rooted in the users' desire for diversity and convenience, aiming to bring products with neutral colors and contemporary designs that fit well in modern homes.


Stylish and functional wicker basket in the living room

  • The traditional element is reflected in the meaningful patterns inspired by Vietnamese craftsmanship. We incorporate geometric shapes derived from the traditional ethnic motifs of Vietnam when weaving products.  


Geographic patterns in Artera Home wall decorations

  • The fusion of traditional and modern elements is also evident in the story behind the products. The artisans preserve the tradition of weaving from one generation to another, and when they create these products, they are conveying their own stories and the stories of their community. We are honored to bring these narratives to households across the United States, within the context of modern spaces.


Artisans from Kim Son craft villages are cleaning wicker placemats

2. How our handcrafted Vietnamese decorations can affect your living space

  • Unparalleled artistry and authenticity: Each item carries the essence of centuries-old weaving techniques, skillfully passed down through generations. These meticulously crafted creations infuse spaces with a sense of heritage and cultural connection, elevating the overall aesthetic. 


The artistry of Arteta Home’s Kim Son wall decor

  • Timeless elegance with a modern twist: The marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern design in our  collection offers you  the blend of the best of both worlds. Handcrafted pieces, such as intricately woven baskets and wall hangings, provide a timeless elegance that transcends trends. 

handcrafted-in-vietnam-brand (2)

Khanh Cong wall decor adds in the elegance in the living room

  • Embracing sustainability and ethical practices: We collaborate with artisans from Kim Son who utilize locally sourced, natural materials, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, when choosing us, you can contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship but also promote fair trade and support local communities. This conscious decision to embrace sustainable and ethical practices adds a deeper layer of purpose and meaning to the decor. 


Minimal impact on environment our product procedure

We seamlessly weave together tradition and modern design, showcasing the beauty of Vietnamese handicraft techniques in our Vietnamese decorations. Don’t hesitate to explore our collection and discover how our designs can infuse your home with a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.