Top 3 Stylish Wicker Baskets for Laundry by Artera Home


Laundry baskets help you keep your clothes in check and prepare them for the wash without creating a mess. But guess what? They can be helpful pieces that can also adorn your room! In this blog, we'd love to share our top 3 wicker baskets for laundry

1. Dinh Hoa wicker basket laundry

As one of the must-have wicker baskets for laundry in your home, the Dinh Hoa basket boasts an exquisite combination of functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from water hyacinth with 5 different sizes available, including two tall and three small baskets, these hampers cater to a wide range of storage requirements, accommodating anything from three days' worth of laundry to bedroom pillows. Additionally, their light brown weaving line adds an elegant touch to your space.

Dinh Hoa wicker baskets for laundry

Artera Home’s Dinh Hoa wicker basket for laundry in the bedroom

Despite their ample storage, it’s important to note that the Dinh Hoa is a wicker basket laundry with holes instead of tightly knitted together. To avoid clothes falling through, the basket comes with durable and easily washable linen.

Now, let's explore how you can maximize the potential of these baskets in your living space. Consider arranging two tall Dinh Hoa baskets in your bedroom near the end of the bed for convenient access. The three small ones can be discreetly tucked under the bed or floor. If you have a bench, it serves as an excellent platform for these hampers.

For a more versatile approach, allocate the two wicker baskets for laundry to your kid's room in the closet to maintain a neat and organized space. With the Dinh Hoa, your dirty clothes storage needs are covered in style and functionality.

wicker baskets for laundry

Artera Home’s Dinh Hoa wicker basket in the kid’s room

2. Kim My wicker basket for laundry

If you're looking for wicker baskets for laundry for all your family's clothes, our Kim My hamper is ideal. In contrast to the tall design of Dinh Hoa, Kim My focuses on a large size with two baskets, perfect for holding various items. The twisted brown woven lines can add a touch of warmth, ensuring this effortlessly complements any room style.

Wicker basket for laundry in the bathroom

Kim My wicker basket for laundry in the bathroom with a towel inside

For those who seek larger and sturdier handles for easy carrying, this basket may not be ideal, as it only has a small grip. Additionally, it doesn't come with linen, making cleaning more challenging after storing dirty clothes. Despite these considerations, the Kim My remains a stylish and practical addition to your home.

When placing these baskets, consider locations that enhance both accessibility and aesthetic appeal. In the bathroom, position them in a small corner near the bathtub for easy access to towels or laundry. In the bedroom, these baskets can be conveniently placed beneath your bedside table, providing both storage solutions and stylish decor that doesn't take up valuable space.

Kim My wicker basket

Artera Home’s Kim My basket for laundry beneath a bedside table

3. Binh Minh wicker laundry basket with lid

The Binh Minh laundry hamper basket is not just a laundry solution; it's a versatile storage basket that combines functionality with a natural aesthetic. This basket is crafted from hyacinth with a sturdy metal frame, making it stand tall and maintain a stable shape even when loaded with a load of laundry items. The captivating oval design, complemented by a snug-fitting lid and large braided lines, infuses a refreshing coastal vibe that effortlessly enhances your home's ambiance.

One important note about the Binh Minh hamper basket is that it does not feature handles. However, it compensates for this by excelling in durability and stability due to the robust metal frame. This characteristic ensures a reliable and long-lasting laundry storage solution, even if it's not the most portable option.

When finding its place in your home, let the Binh Minh wicker laundry basket with lid weave its beauty and function in your bedroom. With its firm shape and distinctive design, this basket effortlessly takes on the role of a bedside table, adding a dash of style while efficiently serving as a laundry storage haven.  

Binh Minh hamper basket

Artera Home’s Binh Minh hamper serves as a bedside and storage 

These top 3 wicker baskets for laundry from Artera Home are efficient organizers and contribute to the overall aesthetic of your living spaces. With their natural materials and stylish designs, these baskets become standout pieces, bringing organization and visual appeal to your room. Don’t forget to explore our collection and elevate your home organization game today!