Artera Home's Fair Trade Month: Choose Fair, Share Fair


We believe in a world where the hands that create beautiful crafts are fairly compensated, traditional techniques are preserved and celebrated, and communities thrive. In celebration of Fair Trade Month, we are excited to share stories of why we choose and share fairness.

Becoming a fair business

We take immense pride in the meaningful connections we've established with skilled craftsmen from Vietnam, and it's a process that's woven into the very fabric of our brand. Our approach is quite simple yet powerful by choosing long-term direct partnerships with artisans from Kim Son and other craft villages in Ninh Binh province, eliminating the need for intermediaries or middlemen. 


When there’s no middleman, Artera Home is a bridge between customers and artisans' handicrafts. This means customers worldwide can access these exquisite handicrafts. This connection between customers and artisans has been instrumental in bringing Vietnamese handicrafts to a global stage. Artisans can showcase their skills and heritage through our platform, preserving Vietnam's rich culture and traditions. 

How do we support our artisans?

Fair compensations

At Artera Home, fair compensation isn't just an obligation; it reflects our profound appreciation for the artisans' craft. We believe that every stroke of their skilled hands and every piece of their artistry deserves a fair reward. Our artisans are partners in creating beauty, and as such, they deserve every bit of what their dedication and talent bring.

Giving daily care

Beyond fair wages, our artisans also received daily care. We ensure our artisans receive meals, strengthening their bodies and spirits for their work. We know inspiration flows better in comfortable spaces, so we support our artisans with spacious workspaces where creativity can breathe and flourish. 


This care is a way we show fairness to our artisans. It's our way of saying, "You are not just an artisan; you are a cherished member of our community." We believe that when artisans are treated fairly, they can work most effectively, which ultimately results in the creation of beautiful, high-quality products.

Why do we choose fair and share fair?

We believe in being a fair business because it's simply the right thing to do. Being fair means everyone involved, from our artisans to our customers, should benefit from what we do. It's about creating a circle of fairness where everyone has a part to play. Our artisans deserve to earn well for their beautiful craft, and you, our valued customers, deserve to know that you're getting something made with skill and heart. 


In choosing to be fair, we aim to ensure that our artisans and their communities receive a fair income and the daily care they need. This helps them create better, more meaningful products that you can proudly bring into your homes. It's a win-win, where our artisans flourish, their cultures remain vibrant, and you enjoy beautiful, eco-friendly decor that tells a unique story. We choose to be fair because it's the path to a brighter future for everyone involved—our artisans and you, our customers.

The support we provide to our artisan communities isn't just a responsibility; it's a privilege we wholeheartedly embrace. As we honor Fair Trade Month, we invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey. Discover Artera Home's handcrafted pieces and experience the true essence of fair trade, where the heart is in every detail. When you choose Artera Home, you choose fair, and in that choice, you share fair.