Tips for a Cozy Home with Wicker Baskets for Indoor Plants


Wicker baskets for indoor plants are more than just practical storage for our leafy friends. They can transform any room into a calming sanctuary. In this blog, we’ll discover four tips for creating a natural and cozy look with handcrafted baskets.

1. Relaxing reading corner

One of our first tips is to adorn your reading corner with wicker plant baskets for warmth and welcome. Choose the one with detailed material textures like seagrass or water hyacinth to maximize coziness. The intricate weaving patterns in woven planters can bring an extra layer of tactile comfort and pleasant sensation to your reading nook. This is considered one of the special traits of handcrafted baskets that make them stand out compared to traditional plant pots.

If you’re looking for wicker baskets for indoor plants, explore our easy-to-style items that add a touch of elegance to your nook. Our baskets' neutral tones and simple weaving lines blend seamlessly with any decor, making them the perfect addition to your reading corner. Whether your space has gray or beige couches or is made of wood or metal, our versatile indoor plant baskets will add warmth and style to your room.


Artera Home’s indoor plant baskets for your reading nook

2. Warming bedside table

Who said a cozy, relaxing bedroom is all about soft lighting and fluffy textures? It’s more about having a touch of greenery. Try placing a small greenery in a handcrafted planter on your bedside table to double-infuse a soothing atmosphere in your room. However, if you don't have a bedside table, place a stool under the wicker baskets for indoor plants. This way, you can still enjoy the benefits of it without worrying about finding the perfect spot.


Artera Home’s wicker baskets for plants placed on the stool and floor

3. Soothing bathroom floor

Transforming your space into a cozy retreat requires more than just adding greenery. It’s about arranging a wicker basket for an easily relaxing and spa-like atmosphere. One of our go-to wicker baskets for indoor plants for the bathroom is one with brown tones to mix and match with the green leaves. Besides, opting for durable hand woven planters that can withstand humid conditions is essential for the longevity of your plant and a serene ambiance.

Explore our Thuong Kiem plant wicker basket, designed for plant display in your bathroom. It is crafted from water hyacinth with a large braided texture to infuse warmth into your space. This basket is a must-have if you want to find all-in-one storage for both plants and essentials. Its versatility allows it to be easily styled with any bathroom decor. Discover it here!


Artera Home’s Thuong Kim plant basket on the bathroom

We hope these tips inspire you to create a natural and cozy look in every corner of your home. Explore Artera Home's wicker baskets for indoor plants to add a natural touch to your living spaces.