Plant Wicker Baskets: 3 Creative Ways To Create a Stylish Home


If you're a plant parent who's grown tired of the same old traditional decorating pots like plastic or ceramic ones, it's time to explore a fresh and stylish alternative: wicker plant baskets. These baskets offer a creative way to incorporate greenery into your home while adding a touch of natural elegance to your decor. 

In this blog, we will guide you through the art of decorating with wicker plant baskets, offering you inspiring ideas. 

2 benefits of using wicker plant baskets as home decor

1. Aesthetically pleasing:

Who said plant wicker baskets are less aesthetic than ceramic, clay, or plastic baskets? They can bring in an earthy touch and add depth to your space with their natural texture. The weaving lines and color of woven plant baskets can complement your greenery to emphasize the touch of nature in your home. 

This is also one of the ways to embrace the trendy green living style in 2024 by utilizing all the biophilic elements or sustainable materials in the basket. 


Woven plant baskets with diverse patterns on the bench and on the floor

If you’re looking for plant wicker baskets, explore our offerings with a diverse range of wicker baskets in various sizes and styles. Whether you prefer a boho, modern, or farmhouse style, you can find the perfect wicker basket to complement your home decor. Our sets of wicker baskets with different sizes allow you to create visually appealing arrangements with small to large plants. Explore our collection below! 


Artera Home’s various offerings of wicker plant baskets 

2. Space-saving hacks:

This is one of our favorite things when it comes to incorporating woven plant baskets into space. You can hang it or attach it to the wall to enjoy the beauty of nature in the space without taking up your valuable floor space. These baskets are perfect for small apartments or rooms where space is a premium. 


Hanging plants for a space-saving living room

3 Innovative ways to incorporate plant baskets

1. Hanging plant wicker basket

Another way you can try to save space is by hanging wicker plant baskets to add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your space while saving floor space. Explore the ideas below: 

  • Zigzag setting: Start by hanging a basket at one end of the wall, then move diagonally to the opposite side, continuing the zigzag pattern. 

  • Tiered setting: Start by hanging the largest basket at the top, then suspend smaller baskets at varying heights beneath it. This tiered arrangement not only maximizes vertical space but also creates a cascading effect, allowing each plant to be showcased beautifully.


Set up the plant wicker baskets with zigzag and tiered setting

2. Mixing and matching different woven plant baskets

Now comes the highly anticipated part of our blog, where you can let your creativity shine by mixing and matching wicker baskets as planters. The possibilities are endless!

Our first approach involves mixing and matching baskets with different patterns and colors to suit various home styles. Are you intrigued? Let's delve into how we can achieve this unique look for each specific home style.

  • Boho Style: Opt for vibrant and eclectic patterns such as geometric designs, tribal prints, or paisley motifs. These patterns can add a bohemian flair to your space. Embrace earthy tones like terracotta, burnt orange, deep blues, and rich greens. Complement these colors with pops of vibrant hues like pink, turquoise, or mustard yellow for a lively boho vibe.


Artera Home’s wicker baskets as planters for boho home

  • Modern style: Keep patterns minimalistic and clean. Look for simple lines, abstract shapes, or subtle textures for a modern aesthetic. Opt for monochromatic or geometric patterns for a sleek and sophisticated look. Stick to a neutral color palette with shades of white, gray, black, and beige. These colors create a minimalist backdrop and allow the wicker plant baskets to stand out as natural accents in the space.


Artera Home’s Thuong Kim plant wicker baskets for modern home style

  • Farmhouse style: Choose rustic and charming patterns such as gingham, plaid, or floral prints. These patterns evoke a cozy farmhouse atmosphere. Embrace warm and earthy tones like cream, beige, sage green, or soft pastel shades. These colors create a soothing and inviting ambiance, perfectly complementing the farmhouse style.


Kim Dong round and Xuan Chinh wicker basket for farmhouse look

If you’re not keen on the first way, you can explore mixing and matching with different materials. Try blending in diverse materials like water hyacinth, rattan, and jute to avoid a repetitive and matchy look. 


Mixing and matching different materials for unique look

3. Styling on the shelf

Our third way to display your green friends with woven plant baskets is the shelf. Let's see how we do it.  

  • Grouping: Arrange wicker plant baskets in clusters on a fixed shelf, creating a visually appealing grouping. Vary the sizes and heights of the baskets for added interest.

  • Layering: Create depth and dimension by placing large wicker baskets at the back of the shelf and smaller ones towards the front. This layering effect adds visual intrigue to your display.

  • Mix with decorative objects: Intersperse wicker baskets with decorative objects like books, vases, or sculptures. This combination adds a stylish and curated look to your shelf decor, blending natural elements with other design elements.


Adorning the shelf with layering wicker baskets or mixing other decorative elements

Incorporating plant wicker baskets into your home decor offers many benefits, from sustainability to aesthetic appeal. We hope this blog gives you the answer for the question of “can you use a wicker basket as a planter”. Don’t forget to explore our wicker plant basket collection for your space today!