Artera Home Inspiration: 6 Ideas Boho Bedroom Decor


The boho usually uses warm, earthy tones that make you feel both multiple and modest. It's like you are traveling around the world with textiles, mats, vintage items, and artwork. The only real thing about boho decor is to be yourself, get scrappy, and relax.

A good boho bedroom decor will bring an oasis of relaxation with special patterns, plant pots indoor, mats, and eclectic accessorizing. Let's know simple boho bedroom ideas to make your room stylish and to inspire your home as well.

1. The key to Boho bedroom decor is warm feeling

Warmth your bedroom up is the way of purring love the room as Artera Home in which it is a building yourself element. In bohemian white main color matches with a warm color like brown or yellow-orange that is a highlight point of your space. You can apply some items such as throw jute pillows, curtain rod and the last step is putting woven trays for keeping food or belongings. Those things end up a great process.

Simple boho bedroom-warmth


The white scheme is mixed and matched with the brown to strike the right balance.

2. Bringing green patch is the simple Boho bedroom decor way

Helping you hit the sack better, plant pots are an indispensable part of your decoration. There are various plants with different shapes, sizes, and heights that you can add in various ways. In addition, the brown color as a wicker basket is the best choice that harmonizes with the green patch.

Simple boho bedroom-green patch


A natural element as a green patch to any space regardless of style, like some kinds of houseplants, but boho style really embraces every nook and cranny of your life.

3. Boho bedroom decor won't lack a color palette

The color palette is one of the elements of a boho bedroom creating a perfect space for enjoying. Hue is usually based on nature like earthy browns, lived-in taupes with light and warm tones. You can get your head around being more creative. Instead of painting real colors, you can replace it with the color of items like woven light fixtures, mats, and wicker baskets are a natural color palette. Likewise, the woven mirror also makes the walls attractive.

Simple boho bedroom-color


4. Layer on the textures creates the feeling

As shared above, boho decor is looking for natural materials and light colors. An equally important is to layer on the textiles for your bedroom. Because those things avoid looking monotonous, toneless, and unexciting, but they will connect everything in your room. For instance, A couple of blankets with contrasting colors are mixed with a woven carpet to complete the more-is-more decor.

Wall art décor and pendant light fixtures also create a layer that accents your cozy room. If you want to make it softly, you can add wicker baskets with some food within. All these things are helping your space more dept and adding some character. Your bedroom is a balance between the modern and vintage that gives chic and sophisticated.

Elements of a boho bedroom-textures


5. Pile on the natural textures with wicker baskets

Natural elements are what you need in your boho bedroom decor for upgrading as people always consider some materials like jute, rattan, and seagrass. Piling such things in your room will bring a boho vibe instantly. Some references about these products like wicker baskets and wall art decor are necessary for bringing nature to your room.

Elements of a boho bedroom-wicker baskets


6. Let the light in your room as much as possible

The bedroom is based on sunny shades and natural lighting. So don't block your natural light source off with thick, heavy, dark, blackout curtains. Instead, line your windows with soft, white, almost-sheer curtains to let the light in. What will you see? You'd be surprised what a free light source could do for the overall feel of your room. You can consider elements of a boho bedroom that should.


Elements of a boho bedroom-light in

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