Artera Natural Materials Ideas for Bohemian Bedroom Decor


When entering a Bohemian bedroom, we are immediately attracted by the feeling of artistic improvisation. We will be curious about how to decorate a special room with our own personal touch, while still remaining aesthetic.

Don’t worry! Artera Home will help you with this guideline to upgrade your bedroom in Bohemian style with natural materials.

Set up natural or unique lighting

First, utilize the sunlight to warm up your bedroom. A warm room with natural light will help you feel full of vitality. At night, you can light up the room with fancy lighting shapes such as hand-woven lamps, lanterns, beaded lights, tassel lights, etc. These lights will mark the uniqueness of your Bohemian bedroom.

sunlight through window and houseplant in bohemian bedroom

Image source: Unsplash

Determine a color palette for your Bohemian bedroom

Because the Boho style does not prefer any boundaries on the use of colors, you can freely mix and match colors according to your personality. The dominant popular ones are yellow, brown, red, blue, green, white, and gray.

The current trending color palette is nature-inspired. For example, the combination of Blue & Ivory - coolness and relaxation, Terracotta & Green - calm and warmth, Mustard Yellow & Orange - joy and enthusiasm.

white pillow and blanket with red sofa

Hang hand-woven wall baskets

After picking your favored color palette, start to choose decorative items. Take the first simple step by hanging hand-woven items like wall baskets. The combination of different weaving methods makes the space more novel.

According to Bohemian lovers, they want to shrink the world into their private space. Stories about tradition and crafts featured on wall baskets are definitely a great choice.

white bed and white cabinet in bohemian bedroom

Choose natural bed frames

The bed can be seen as the soul of the bedroom, that’s why we always make a careful choice on it. Bed frames are preferably made from natural materials such as wood, rattan, or bamboo. These natural materials will make your Bohemian bedroom warmer and more intimate. You might also consider a low wooden pallet or a brightly colored Mediterranean bed sheet.

brown and gray tone bohemian bedroom

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Mix and match colorful throw pillows

Another typical feature of the Boho style is the favor of varied pillows. Each pillow can bring a separate story through different textures, colors, and materials. Based on your story, they can further add a personal touch to the space.

white and brown throw pillows on white bed

Image source: Unsplash


Grow natural indoor plants

It is indispensable to add bright greenery from nature to your Bohemian bedroom style. You can consider easy-to-care plants like cacti, tropical plants, and vines. These plants can survive remarkably well in low-light conditions such as bedrooms.

The appearance of green plants is a testament to your love of nature while emphasizing the desire to bring a miniature world into your room in the Boho style.

green inhouse plants in bohemian bedroom

Image source: Unsplash


Place a rattan headboard

An accent that is natural, lightweight, and unique? Rattan headboard is exactly what we’re talking about.

The rattan headboard will create a connection between the bed, wall, and space in the room. Also, this natural material harmonies nature with man-made items such as pillows, mattresses, and cabinets.

rattan headboard in white and green bedroom

Image source: Pexels


With the freedom and spontaneity of Boho style, you can completely transform your bedroom to suit your personality. All of the above items are easy to find, and they especially have a high connection with nature.

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