Why Should You Use Artera's Cube Shelf Baskets for Kids' Toys?


We understand how challenging it can be to clean up and organize a pile of toys. It can be frustrating when you spend a lot of time searching for your child's toy and are not able to find it amidst the mess. 

This blog, Artera Home offers a cube wicker basket that comes in sets to help organize and store toys neatly.

1. Perfect size to tuck on the shelf 

Choosing the right size for your shelves is essential, and that's why Artera Home offers two types of baskets: the Luu Phuong cube storage basket and the Yen Loc dark cube wicker basket. These options are suitable for storing toys on your shelves.

What sets these two toy storage baskets apart is their perfect size to tuck on the shelf. You can rest assured that your child's toys will be stored safely and neatly on the shelf.


Perfect size wicker basket to tuck on the shelf

2. Easy categorize different toys 

Imagine the benefits of sorting your child's toys into designated baskets. This simple act of toy sorting can have a significant impact on your cleaning process and the overall organization of your space.

When everything has its place, they can effortlessly find the toys they want to play with without the frustration of searching through a disorganized pile. 


Before and after cleaning up toys shelf with Luu Phuong cube storage basket

If you’re looking at how to sort your toys easier, explore our tips below! 

  • Sort by male or female toys: When organizing toys, consider sorting them by gender if it aligns with your child's preferences or interests.

  • Prioritize frequently used toys: Place the most frequently used games in an easily accessible toy storage organizer with bins. These can include your child's favorites or ones they play with daily.  

  • Label the different baskets: Use clear and simple labels with pictures or words to indicate what types of toys belong in each container. 

3. Cube basket comes in set  

Artera Home's cube baskets are designed to come in sets, ensuring that they remain synchronized and beautiful when storing your children's toys. This coordinated approach creates a cohesive and visually pleasing look on your shelves.

The color options available for the storage cube baskets make it easy to match them with the color of your shelf. Opting for neutral colors ensures a seamless integration with your existing decor, creating a harmonious and stylish storage solution.


Artera Home’s Yen Loc Dark cube wicker basket comes in set 

4. Cube shelf basket has sturdiness

We understand the challenges of carrying a heavy and piled-up toy storage organizer around the house for decluttering. That's why we prioritize storage solutions with convenient handles. 

Our baskets make it simple to gather all your child's games, place them inside, and effortlessly transport them to the designated area. The handles also encourage your child to lend a helping hand and easily take their toys to a different room if desired.


Cube shelf basket has sturdy & built - in handles

5. Wide capacity helps toys avoid deformation

The spacious capacity of our storage solution allows you to store a maximum number of children's toys, ensuring that everything has its designated place. 

With the cube's deep and rectangular bottom shape, you can maximize storage space and store more items compared to baskets with different shapes. 


Before and after cleaning up your child's toys with Luu Phuong cube storage basket

Artera Home's cube wicker baskets offer a range of benefits that make them an ideal choice for decluttering and organizing toys. With their sturdy shape, these baskets provide reliable support for storing toys. The convenient storage options allow you to easily categorize and access different types of toys, promoting a neat and tidy space.