Christmas Cleaning Tips Make Tidying Up Easier With Artera Baskets


With less than two weeks until Christmas, we nearly run out of time for any holiday preparations, especially for Christmas cleaning. Don’t worry! We would love to suggest simple but effective tips to speed up your holiday cleaning.

Christmas cleaning ways to tidy your home easier

1. Make a note of what needs cleaning

Before directly jumping into decorating your home for a holiday time, you’ll need to clean it up to prevent everything from messing out. Let’s walk through your home and note where you need to focus on Christmas cleaning. There will be corners that you accidentally forget, so carefully check all of them in this holiday cleaning checklist:

  • Dirt clinging to the surface under the table and furniture.
  • Top of fridges, cabinets, shelves, and picture frames.
  • The door handles and cabinets.
  • Unpruned wilted leaves.

Sort out what to bring into the storage space to enlarge the room: Halloween holiday ornaments, cleaning tools, kitchen utensils, large blankets, etc. You had better use large baskets to categorize and organize all the stored items so that you can ensure a neat storage space.

Note: Don’t forget to spread your cleaning timeline instead of trying to finish in just one day.

Christmas cleaning products


2. Utilize wicker baskets as the key items to organize everything

When cleaning areas containing a lot of miscellaneous items such as spice jars in the kitchen, decorations on shelves, it will take a lot of time to move each small item to clean up. The most simple and effective solution is to put all the same things in a wicker basket, and move the whole one instead of individual items.

With relatively large items such as winter blankets, roll them up and store them in large storage baskets. You can set them around any spaces within your reach, as well as let them be decorative items.

Let’s explore how Jordan Miller organizes the blanket basket for the Christmas entryway: click here.

Christmas cleaning products from handicrafts

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3. Rearrange the furniture

Organizing room by room will help speed up the cleaning process: You can easily determine the room location, what to do with that room, and limit wasting time moving each piece of furniture from this area to another. It's better to spend time completing one space than taking on many spaces at once.

Christmas is the best time for gathering, so you can try moving the sofas close together, or near the fireplace for warm conversations. Much more time will be spent in the living room, so you had better move thin blankets and throw pillows from the bedroom for chilling time with your family.

Extra tip: Use a basket with handles and take a walk around the house to collect all misplaced items. This helps reduce the time you have to go around the house.

Chirstmas cleaning with blanket storage baskets

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4. Spend more time in your kitchen

Throughout Christmas, there will be large and small parties, so the kitchen is undoubtedly an important area. There are two main things you should be aware of:

  • Show the essentials only: Rearrange the items you think will be needed for the following days, and store them all in the wicker baskets so that you can easily get them when needed. With the remaining items, hide them in the cabinets or storage space, and return them as soon as you finish using them.
  • Keep cleaning the kitchen surface all the time: Because the Christmas kitchen will always be full of food, smell of grease, you should clean it continuously during the cooking process. Keeping everything clean is always the best way to impress your guests.

clean kitchen with hand-woven storage baskets

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5. Carry out a day of Christmas cleaning with your family

Christmas is never a time for loneliness, let’s call for help from your family while cleaning. After having a holiday cleaning checklist, you should assign appropriate tasks according to each person's age and strength. This helps to speed up the cleaning process while creating more meaningful moments.

You can also create a mini challenge to push the environment: The tidiest and fastest cleaner will win a Christmas wish. They can ask for anything they want for this Christmas.

family members help with Christmas cleaning


The importance of cleaning house for Christmas before decorating

1. Reuse old products for decoration

When tidying up, you will find a lot of forgotten items. Before throwing them away, consider whether they can be used for Christmas decor. For example: You can reuse your plant basket to style the Christmas tree. Thus, you optimize a part of the budget for decoration.

Style plants in wicker storage baskets

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2. Help expand your decorating space

There is nothing more annoying than trying to decorate on top of the mess. Removing unnecessary items, and rearranging the furniture will create more spaces for you to decorate more comfortably. For products that you don’t really need but don’t want to throw away, you can give to neighbors, trade with your friends, or donate to local markets. This activity can bring you meaningful experience while limiting the waste during Xmas.

Christmas decor with wicker baskets

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3. Discover more ideas to renew your home space

Sometimes the renovation of the house does not come from how many new things you buy, but from how you arrange the layout of the house. Change the sofa arrangement, turn the carpet, bring in more blanket baskets, and throw pillows, then you can make the living room much cozier.

cozy living room with wicker blanket baskets


4. Avoid buying the same thing

There is a lot of stuff you don’t even remember buying. It will be a waste if you forget the item in stock and buy it again. Therefore, spending time checking your storage space again while cleaning will help you save the budget.

Christmas cleaning and decorating with wicker baskets

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When time is running out, wicker baskets are always our best choice due to their large capacity and versatile functionality. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and choose the one you need. If you have any concerns, we are always ready to support you via