The Beauty and Resilience of Vietnamese Women Artisans


At Kim Son, the birthplace of Artera Home, we not only find a rich tradition but also a community of kind, warm-hearted, and passionate people. It’s an honor to work alongside them.

Regardless of age or marital status, each woman processes a unique beauty that deserves recognition and admiration from the world. On this International Women’s Day, we want to express our gratitude for the inspiration they provide. 


No matter how difficult it may be, we must make an effort to preserve the culture of our village.


Walking to the manufacturing workshop, you’ll notice a group of middle-aged women sitting in front of bunches of fibers. They are constantly weaving raw fibers into a variety of baskets and placemats. You realize why they're such master artisans as you observe how they skillfully construct finished ones with intricate weaving.

Handicrafts have become more than just a job for them. This has been a traditional practice since they learned to weave from their parents when they were young girls. After clinging on through the ups and downs, they are delighted that the woven craft has become a historic component of the Kim Son village now. They desire this tradition to be passed through to and continued by later generations.

We couldn't help but recall a moving statement: “I never thought I’d quit my job. No matter how difficult it may be, we must make an effort to preserve the culture of our village.”


We have to work together to keep the craft for a long time.


Artera women artisan


Besides the women artisans’ excellent skills, you will be surprised by the atmosphere of excitement. Each is in charge of a stage, such as handling raw materials, dying,  weaving, drying, or packaging. You won’t feel the separation, but the sense of cohesion instead.

When talking to these wonderful women, they kept smiling and inspired us with their meaningful stories. One woman artisan’s sharings impressed us:  “Each stage in a long process will be in charge by a certain person. None of us can be indispensable to complete a finished product. We have to work together to keep the craft alive for a long time.”


At Artera Home, we are committed to supporting the women of Kim Son and their communities. We work closely with them to create products that not only showcase their talent but also promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices. By supporting these women, we are not only helping to preserve their cultural heritage but also empowering them to lead better lives.

Kim Son is more than a place; it represents heritage and humanity. These two values may be utilized to create something incredibly beautiful, as demonstrated by the women of Kim Son. On this International Women's Day, let us celebrate their unique beauty, inspiring stories, and unwavering commitment to their craft and community.

You can find their dedicated work HERE.

Artera women artisan


Not only being a mere handcrafted home decor brand, Artera Home wishes to spread the beauty of Vietnamese women artisans to the world.