The Designer’s Handbook: How To Decorate with Wicker Baskets


Wicker baskets are not only used for storage but also for decoration in interior design. As a wholesaler specializing in providing the finest woven baskets, Artera Home is here to guide interior designers through how to decorate with wicker baskets. 

The versatility of wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways in interior design. Their diverse range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. These baskets come in various sizes and neutral tones, making it easy for designers to customize based on individual needs and space requirements.

Artera Home’s wicker baskets on closet shelf

Choosing wicker baskets for different space styles

If you’re finding suitable a wicker storage basket for different spaces’s styles, explore some of our tips below: 

1. Boho vibes

Boho home style is a vibrant, eclectic design aesthetic that combines global influences, natural elements, and colorful patterns to create a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.

We suggest going for a natural wicker basket with a natural, weathered look. If it has intricate patterns or colorful accents, even better! Don’t forget the tassels and fringe. These playful embellishments enhance the boho vibe and add a whimsical touch to the space. 

Tassels and intricate patterns in wicker baskets for boho style

2. Modern chic

For a modern home, opt for a wicker storage basket with clean lines and a sleek design. Stick to a monochromatic color scheme for that ultra-modern feel. Remember, in a modern setting, less is more. So, choose the baskets wisely and place them strategically to create a balance between form and function in your client’s space. 

Kim Chinh wicker baskets with a simple design for a modern kitchen

3. Farmhouse style

Farmhouse style is a charming and rustic design aesthetic that incorporates natural materials, vintage elements, and cozy textures to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Choose wicker baskets in neutral, earthy tones like beige, tan, or light brown to align with the farmhouse color palette. Consider wicker baskets with vintage-inspired details like distressed finishes or handles made from aged materials such as rope or leather. 

Artera Home’s Phat Diem and Kim Chinh wicker baskets for a farmhouse style

4. Scandinavian simplicity

In a Scandinavian-style home, it’s all about simplicity and functionality. Choose a wicker basket with a simple design and natural colors. Look for baskets with a tight and uniform weave, avoiding baskets with loose or uneven weaves. This adds to the clean and uncluttered aesthetic of Scandinavian design.

Tight and uniform weave lines of wicker baskets in Scandinavian look

How to decorate with wicker baskets creatively

Ready to get creative with styling handcrafted baskets for your client project? Here are some ideas:

1. Wall decor

When it comes to blank walls in your client's space, consider using wicker baskets as unique and eye-catching wall decor. Wicker baskets offer a versatile and textural element that can instantly elevate the room's aesthetic.

Wicker wall basket decor with diverse patterns and sizes

2. Table centerpieces

We love using wicker baskets as trays in the centerpieces. They’re perfect for any season and add a rustic charm to the table setting. You can fill them with fruits, flowers, candles, or anything else that fits your client’s space style.

Wicker basket as table centerpiece in the living room

3. Texture and layering

Mix and match wicker baskets with other materials like wood, metal, and fabric for a layered, textured look. This is a great idea for how to decorate with woven baskets to add depth and interest to your client’s space. Plus, it’s a fun way to play with different styles and trends.

Mixing a cube wicker storage basket with dark and light brown tones on the shelf

Artera Home’s wicker basket collection

At Artera Home, we offer a diverse collection of natural wicker baskets, perfect for every style and preference. Our collection features baskets in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, so you’re sure to find something that fits your client's space and style!

Artera Home’s diverse wicker basket sets

Wicker baskets offer endless possibilities in interior design, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any space. With their versatility blending into various design styles, crafted baskets are an essential tool for interior designers seeking practical and stylish solutions. Explore Artera Home's collection of wicker baskets, designed to cater to the diverse needs of interior designers, and find the perfect basket to elevate your next project.