Artera Home's Guideline to Have Boho Style Home Decor With Natural Materials


Have you thought of applying natural materials to your Boho home decoration style? The combination of the improvisation of the Boho style, and the versatility of natural materials will create a special mark for your home. Let's take a look at what Boho decor and natural materials are, and how you can combine them.

The signature of Boho home decor style

The Boho Decor style has a unique combination of many elements such as colors, textures, materials, and patterns. Boho style often represents people who love to travel, love to explore the world, and intend to bring the world into their homes.

Boho style embraces eclecticism, where the homeowners do not follow a certain model but distill different ideas and creativity to highlight their personality.

seagrass handwoven basket under a wood table

Definition of natural materials

Natural Materials are organic ingredients that are obtained from nature in many different regions of the world. For Artera Home, natural materials will focus on rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, and seagrass. In addition, there are many other natural materials such as stone, gravel, wood, brick, and straw,...

Boho decor is a combination between art and natural materials

Because Boho decor emphasizes originality, and the existence of the world in the style of the house, you cannot ignore the Natural Materials. These materials will mark the existence of nature in the places you want to go. They also help you balance and harmonize the improvisation and creative mess in your home.

Artera Home's products such as baskets, wall baskets, placemats,... are all handcrafted from the conception stage, material selection (rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, and seagrass), hand knitting, to the final stage. product finishing.

Natural materials application to style your home into Boho decor style

1. Choose natural materials that suit your style

First, the choice of material is extremely necessary. When starting to choose to bring nature into your home, combined with the spontaneous, freestyle of Boho style, you will easily be confused by what material to choose. First of all, everything should start with, how do you want the contrast in the room? What personality will the presence of nature show in you?


Rattan is the basic material for creating a boho room. Rattan is stronger, more resilient, and lighter than bamboo. The rattan material feels durable, soft, and flexible. Rattan utensils are designed with delicate curves, also creating a supple and smooth feeling for the house. The appearance of rattan in boho decor is a mark for the breath of South Asia regions such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where rattan thrives most.



Bamboo shows rigidity, and rustic, feeling like bringing the solidity of nature into your room. Amidst the contrast between different color shades, the neutral color of bamboo will make the overall look more harmonious, easily connecting the independent shades together.

white and black polka dot padded bamboo armchair



Because seagrass is woven from fibers, seagrass products have high flexibility and flexibility. They feel natural and seductive. In addition, seagrass is also famous for its durability. Place a wall decor or wicker basket made from seagrass to create a unique, ocean-inspired texture in your boho space.

seagrass wall basket on white wall corner


Water hyacinth

Just like seagrass, water hyacinth is also highly regarded for its durability and versatility. However, the water hyacinth's appearance will bring the breath of water into the design. The suggestion here is that you can both use baskets made of this material to make a basket and use it for decoration.

Water hyacinth wicker basket beside pink wall


Above are suggestions from Artera Home to help you apply natural materials to your Bohemian home. Basically, the Boho style is full of improvisation, so you can easily combine the gifts of nature with the corners of your room.

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