History of Craft Villages in Vietnam: Tracing to the Mystery Origins


Vietnam is a country rich in cultural heritage, and one aspect that stands out is its traditional craft villages. These craft villages have a history that spans over a hundred years. As a brand from Vietnam, Artera Home takes pride in the country's artistic legacy. Today, we will share with you the history of craft villages in Vietnam.

The history of craft villages in Vietnam

To understand the birth of craft villages in Vietnam, we must delve into their historical context. These villages are primarily located in the northern and southern parts of the country, scattered amidst its picturesque landscapes. Initially, handicrafts emerged as supplementary occupations for farmers, providing an alternative source of income alongside agricultural production.


Kim Son craft village with 200 years old history

The origins of traditional villages in Vietnam are steeped in history, with some theories tracing them back to the time of the Nguyen dynasty, Lý dynasty and Tonkin Delta (Red River Delta) in North Vietnam.

While the exact origins of these crafts remain uncertain, they stand as true symbols of Vietnamese culture and precious heritage that we must preserve.

Handicraft villages as symbols of Vietnam

Vietnam is renowned for its diverse range of handcrafted products, each with its own unique story and origin. Let's explore some of the most prominent types of handicrafts: 

1. Weaving:

Weaving from bamboo, rattan and seagrass is a long-standing traditional profession of the Tay ethnic people in Than Sa commune, Vo Nhai district, Thai Nguyen. The intricate artistry and craftsmanship behind these woven products reflect the rich traditions of the region.


The artisan is weaving seagrass material into wall decor

2. Pottery and ceramics:

Vietnam's pottery industry has a long history and is known for its craft villages that preserve and spread the essence of Vietnamese culture. Bat Trang, Phu Lang, and Thanh Ha are among the famous pottery traditional villages in Vietnam, where skilled artisans create exquisite ceramics that blend tradition and innovation.


Pottery collection from craft villages in Vietnam (Source: Istock)

3. Lacquer:

Vietnamese lacquer is a typical material in the country's art scene. It is not only used for painting but also for creating various handicraft products such as horizontal panels, parallel sentences, household items, and Buddha statues. The meticulous process of lacquerware production showcases the meticulous attention to detail that Vietnamese artisans possess.


Vietnamese lacquerware with colorful patterns (Source: Nam Bui Anh)

4. Silk:

Silk weaving in Vietnam boasts a rich history and is famous in craft villages like Vinh Phuc and Duy Xuyen. The delicate and luxurious nature of silk products reflects the country's long-standing tradition of silk production.


Silk procedure process in craft villages Vietnam (Source: laodong.vn)

5. Carpentry:

Wood carving is a traditional profession that has thrived for over two centuries in Vietnam. Traditional villages in Vietnam, such as Son Dong and Chang Son, are famous for their intricate woodwork, producing beautiful carved pieces that showcase the skill and artistry of Vietnamese carpenters.


The artisan is carving the statue (Source: dantri.vn)

Characteristics of Vietnamese handicrafts

Vietnamese handicrafts possess unique features that set them apart from others around the world. These characteristics contribute to the allure of Vietnamese crafts and make them highly sought after:

1. Artistry and cultural significance:

Each handicraft product is a work of art, blending both usability and aesthetic value. At Artera Home, we celebrate the essence of Vietnamese culture by incorporating its heritage into exquisite handicraft home decor products. 

We hold a deep appreciation for the traditional crafts and the stories they carry, weaving the narratives of craft villages, artisans, and their cultural practices into our collections.


Weaving culture and tradition in the crafts 

2. Uniqueness:

Traditional Vietnamese handicrafts are known for their distinct nuances, varying from one craft village to another. For instance, Kim Son craft village is famous for its seagrass weaving, producing unique woven products that embody the village's heritage.


Wall decor and wicker basket made from seagrass material in Kim Son craft village

3. Diversity:

Vietnamese handicrafts come in various forms and materials. From the intricate embroidery of Tan Chau to the elegant silverware of Trieu Khuc, the diverse array of Vietnamese handicrafts offers something unique and captivating for every art enthusiast.

We inherit this diversity in our home decor collection from Kim Son craft village. Our extensive range of products, from wall decor to wicker baskets, showcases the versatility of Vietnamese artisans. Additionally, our products feature different patterns, colors, and styles, allowing interior designers to find pieces that suit their needs.


The diverse in category of Artera Home handicraft offerings

4. Connection with the local community:

The crafts are often deeply intertwined with specific villages or regions, reflecting local traditions and community life. At Kim Son craft village, all our artisans work together in a close-knit community. 

As we craft together, each household plays a crucial role, highlighting the community-centric trait. This not only adds richness and authenticity to our artisanal traditions but also fosters a sense of belonging and togetherness.


Many artisans are working together to trim the placemats for finish look

5. Eco-friendly practices:

Many craft villages in Vietnam use eco-friendly practices,like using natural materials like bamboo or rattan and using hands from start to finish. This will reduce the impact on the environment. 


Artisans in Kim Son is drying wicker baskets and placemats manually 

The rich history of craft villages in Vietnam has shaped the artistic traditions of the country. Artera Home is committed to supporting these traditional crafts and providing high-quality products for interior designers. By preserving and celebrating the essence of Vietnamese culture, we aim to bring the stories of craft villages, artisans, and their masterpieces into homes around the world.