10 Artera Home Boho Decor Essentials For Adding Chic Vibe to Your Home


If you are a lover of freedom, and generosity, do not follow any rules, then the boho-chic style is for you. Artera Home will suggest the necessary items for you to get started with the style and layout suggestions to make the room have a Boho vibe. 

With an eclectic style, the Boho style is comfortable for artists to fly in the selection of designer items. At the same time, the close connection between different items, and the artist with the design style will be emphasized.


1. Colorful carpets

The first highlight of the Boho room is the brocade rug with unique patterns. The contrast in the color of the carpet will create a special impression on the eyes of the viewer.

red brocade patterned carpet

Image source: Unsplash


2. Eclectic decorating sofa

A sofa with a striking color tone, accompanied by fancy textures is a top choice for Boho style.

red brocade patterned sofa in sun light

Image source: Unsplash


3. Wall decor collection

The combination of seagrass wall decor will evoke the element of nature. Don't forget that the application of natural materials to home decoration is a trend in the interior design industry.

seagrass wall basket on white wall corner


4. Bohemian bed sheet

Of course, you cannot ignore the important highlight in the bedroom is the bed. You can choose bed sheets with botanical motifs or hand-embroidered pillows with floral prints.

multicolored striped bed comforter

Image source: Unsplash


5. Artistic painted wall

Instead of a boring wall with a plain white or a simple color, you can change it up a bit by painting it a bit "patchy" intentionally. This will create a pretty cool effect, plus the colors are typical for Bohemian style, so you have a liberal impression in your home.

red painted wall with arched door

Image source: Pexels


6. Bohemian eclectic dining table

In the dining room, you can place a dining table with chairs of different shapes to create an impression of your dining space. The parties have also since become more interesting.

variety of chairs in a room

Image source: Pexels


7. Nature's existence

One of the hallmarks of the Boho decor style is bringing the world into your home. So how can we miss a natural breath? You can choose tropical plants with a fancy canopy, combined with a seagrass plant basket.

houseplant in water hyacinth basket


8. Combination of wall art

Not following any pattern, random paintings with different colors will give your room a little more freedom.

colorful painted art on wall

Image source: Unsplash


9. Boho floor pillows

The brightly patterned pillows on the floor will create a coziness, in harmony with the vibrant carpet. Similar to carpets, these pillows often have a brocade pattern.

colorful linen pillow on floor

Image source: Pexels


10. Meticulously covered candles

Most Boho styles will bring a sense of warmth with freedom. So candlelight is one of the essential items that you need to consider in your Boho house.

candle on bottle near lamp

Image source: Pexels


Above are the necessary decor items for changing your home in the direction of Boho. These items are quite easy to buy, or you can make your own. It is important that you combine them together to express your style.

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