Get Into Irish Spirit: Green St. Patrick's Day Home Decor Ideas


Inspired by Irish spirit and culture on St. Patrick’s Day, we love to spruce up all things green. Here’s Artera's way to make use of green embellishments without overwhelming them.

Why do we opt for “green” on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day is known as a traditional Irish holiday honoring Saint Patrick, who is believed to be the patron of Ireland. It’s a great time for gathering, joining the parade, wearing green clothes, and enjoying the corned beef with beer. When walking down the streets, we realize that many things turn green on St. Patrick’s Day. 

St. Patrick’s Day brings us great inspiration, not only for its electric atmosphere but also for the way that Irish people celebrate it as a day to connect with their roots. And we love green, too. Besides its association with Irish pride, it comes close to nature as well as evokes the regeneration and renewal of life.

St Patrick decor with dining table decor from Artera Home

How we incorporate green home decor without overwhelming

1. Choose the right shades of green

Different shades of original green can represent different meanings: spring green for the Irish flag, darker green for shamrocks, or lighter kelly one for the festive atmosphere. Most people choose brighter shades of green such as emerald, kelly, shamrock, or lime because these colors will bring a pop of celebratory spirit and energy to their homes.

If you are looking for something more balanced and muted, try lighter shades such as mint, olive, fern, or teal. You can also directly incorporate nature-inspired colors from natural plants. These shades are perfect for creating a subtle yet festive atmosphere in your home.

St. Patrick's Day decorations ideas with green

2. Consider the room’s size & shape

For large, rectangular-shaped rooms, you can hang festive green and white decorations along the walls. Lay the green tablecloths to create main accents for every room. In the living room, you can also move furniture around to create a cozy seating area and add a festive centerpiece to your coffee table. 

In a square-shaped room, you can add a pop of color with St. Patrick's Day throws and blankets. Place a green throw blanket on the sofa and add throws with Irish sayings and four-leaf clover designs.

For smaller rooms, you can hang a string of paper shamrocks or a garland of green and white balloons. You can also add a few decorative pieces, such as a St. Patrick's Day-themed candle holder or a small statue of a leprechaun. 

3. Invite natural light to balance out the room

Utilizing natural light is a great way to add a touch of brightness to a room without overpowering it with green. Let’s open the curtains to reveal large windows, and rearrange the mirrors to invite spring sunlight into your home. These activities also help you to save an amount of energy from artificial lights.

Utilizing natural light is a great way to add a touch of brightness for St Patrick decor 

Green St Patrick decor items for a festive home

These decorating items will make your home more fun; moreover, you can totally do it yourself, or reuse your decor items without many costs.

1. Spring-inspired throw pillows

Instead of spending money on brand-new green throw pillows, replace your existing ones with green, striped, or checkered green covers. You can also embroider a pattern of four-leaf clovers, a pot of gold, or inspirational messages on the throws. Furthermore, tying beautiful four-leaf bows on your throws is also a great choice.


Spring-inspired throw pillows (image source:Unsplash) 

2. Green vegetable garnish

In addition to traditional dishes like corned beef and beer, you can add some spices or green color to everyday dishes. With the strawberry milk recipe, you can add some matcha syrup for light green. Then with your daily toast, try something different with tomatoes and vegetables, and this will make you feel fresher.

For something a bit more festive, try Shamrock Salad. This salad is a combination of crisp lettuce, cucumber, kiwis, and green apples, and is decorated with a tangy honey and lime vinaigrette.

Green vegetable garnish with Artera Home’s Tan Thanh Pearl Charger 

3. Muted green party centerpieces

This St. Patrick’s Day is the best time to reuse your party decorations without waiting until the next holiday. Use a muted green napkin as the focal point, and spring branches as supporting accents. To create a soothing transition with the beige tablecloth, consider our Quang Thien hand-woven placemats.

St Patrick decor with Artera Home’s Quang Thien placemats

4. Lucky potted plants

Consider adding some green, leafy plants, such as four-leaf clovers for the original St Patrick's decor. This species is thought to bring good luck, and the first three leaves stand for faith, love, and hope. You can also get some Irish luck by bringing in some lucky plants such as the jade plant, lucky bamboo, golden pothos, Golden Sedum, or rubber plant.

Adding some green to St Patrick's decor 

Incorporating nature-inspired green accents is a great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day without sacrificing your environmental commitment. Let’s register to get more eco-friendly home decor ideas on holidays.