Fall Decor For The Minimalist Home


When the seasons change, we often want to add more seasonal color schemes. However, most are concerned about disrupting the house's arrangement, especially in a minimalist home. Don't worry! We have some easy fall decor ideas that won't ruin your style.

What does a fall minimal home look like?

Artera’s fall keyword is “Cozy”. 

When the temperature is going to drop, the minimalist home should start to include warm details to bring comfort and relaxation to the homie. But along with that, the house should keep the furniture scheme to ensure the principle of a minimal house: a reductive space with a simple design and limited home goods.

flower vase in the white kitchen


When should we start decorating for fall?

The decision totally depends on when your home will need it! Should you consider the weather too? 

Some families have decorated autumn as early as mid-August when the first yellow leaves appear. They want to ensure that they don’t miss any season-changing moments.

Some think September is the best time to makeover their fall-themed home. When summer is over, and their kids come back to school, they will have much more time to consider carefully what items they want to display for this fall.

Also, they can utilize decor ideas until the festive months. Meanwhile, some simply want to add some textures to get a cozy vibe.

woven wall baskets on a wooden table


Tips for decorating a minimalist fall home

Take an overview look at your home and list the essential changes it should have to functional spaces. What items can you keep using in the next season? What should you add to bring fall feelings?

1. Transition your throw pillows for fall

Throws are the most easy-and-thrift ways to add minimalist fall vibes. Instead of buying new throws, consider changing your pillow covers with linen fabric, warm colors, and updating more patterns. This will minimize your expense but brings the same effect as completely changing all pillows.

pillow, baskets and children toy

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2. Use cozy texture & textiles

When transforming your home into a cozy and relaxed space, let nature inspire you. Natural materials are now in the trend of enhancing warm hues.

  • Change your furniture covers into natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, wool, or velvet. After hot summer days, the softness of these materials provides you with a feeling of comfort and ease.
  • Incorporate natural fibers such as jute, seagrass, or water hyacinth. Its warm hues and raw textures will be a hot spot in harmony with the clean lines in the minimal house.
  • Let floral patterns refresh your space. You can bring the flowers outside in, or opt for floral patterns on blankets, pillows, or curtains.

    woven wall baskets on a piano

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    3. Place pumpkins, pine cones, or tree branches in the fireplace

    Do you remember your festive pumpkins last year? Now it’s time to get it back to the show. Put some real pumpkins on the front porch and faux ones at the entryway. (Our friend @offischerlyhome does a tip on how to keep them fresh, see it here) You can absolutely add some cozy light around the pumpkins and baskets to enhance the warm vibe.

    Front porch decor with baskets and pumpkins


    Fall decorating has never been easier than bringing the outside in. For an efficient way, you can take pine cones or tree branches from your close forest or surroundings. To minimize the spending space, grab all these decorative ones in a basket.

    Note: If you are concerned about adding too much detail to the house, then try removing an equivalent item when you add a new item. Let’s see how our friend Charlotte applies this tip: here.

    woven baskets next to a fireplace

    Basket, candle, wall baskets, blanket, armchair

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    4. Add candles for scent and ambiance

    When the temperature starts cooling down, a scented candle can add a warm glow and a gentle fragrance suitable for autumn, bringing you a comfortable and soothing mood. Consider pleasant, warm scents like clove, cinnamon, pumpkin, wood, or vanilla.

    candles and pumpkins in the tray


    wall basket, glass, plate, tray, pumpkin, blanket, placemat

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    Minimalistic home decor doesn't mean a boring monochrome home

    We often have the impression that a minimalist home will be all bland monochrome white. But it’s not true. You can flexibly add more colors to make your minimal home more impressive.

    1. Neutral fall color

    The cooler month is coming, so replace cool neutrals like white and gray with warm neutrals like warm beiges, brown, cream, and nude.

    baskets under a mirror and on the shelves


    2. Soothing grays

    If you want a color featuring relaxedness and calmness, gray is a good option. But you should use it to be an accent, not in full items.

    3. Darker shades of blue

    Dark blue ceramic tiles blend well with white to form an overall calming but exudes elegance. If you can't tile the fireplace but still want to embrace the calming of dark blue, you can add a canvas picture of a dark blue background and fall textures like leaves.

    Basket beside dark blue ceramic tiles fireplace


    4. Maple foliage

    The vibrant reds or warm maroon fall foliage will give a special accent to your neutral minimal house. You can bring the real fall leaves to create realistic effects. In other ways, these colors can reflect on cups, tables, chairs, or wreaths.

    Take simple steps so that you have more time to enjoy the relaxation of autumn with your family. Always remember to keep it minimal and the essentials. Follow us for more decorating ideas this fall.