Sustainable Home Decor: 3 Elements To Create A Lagom-Inspired Space


“Not too much, not too little – just right.” This is the essence of Lagom, the Swedish lifestyle philosophy that promotes a balanced and mindful way of living. Creating a Lagom-inspired living space becomes a natural choice as we strive for well-being and eco-friendliness by opting for sustainable home decor. This blog will explore three essential elements to help craft a Lagom-inspired oasis within your home.

1. Use Lagom-inspired color palettes

The colors we surround ourselves with can significantly impact our well-being. In Lagom's design, natural, neutral, and calming hues take center stage. These tones create a serene atmosphere and reflect a connection to the natural world. Think of soft earthy shades, soothing blues, and warm grays in your home.

At Artera Home, we embrace this concept by offering sustainable home decor items incorporating Swedish Lagom color schemes. From Kim Son Wall Décor in earthy tones to Kim Chinh Wicker Basket and Quang Thien Placemats in serene beige, our collection flawlessly captures the essence of Lagom living through color.


2.Opt for natural materials for sustainable home decor

Delving into the heart of Lagom decor, we can't overlook the importance of eco-friendly materials. Choosing items crafted from eco-friendly materials like seagrass and rattan enhances your space's aesthetic appeal and showcases your commitment to a more mindful and eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Sustainable home decor encompasses more than just natural materials; it's about minimizing environmental impact through handcrafted techniques. Our showcased handmade collections, like the Chat Binh Rattan Tray and Con Thoi Water Hyacinth Placemats, perfectly align with Lagom principles. Adding sustainable decor items not only elevates your space but also supports local artisans and contributes to a more sustainable society.


3. Declutter and organize with purpose

Functional minimalism is a crucial aspect of Lagom's design, emphasizing clutter-free and purposeful living. Check out the tips below for creating an organized Lagom space.

  • Optimize vertical space: Arrange stackable storage units like our 10-book storage Luu Phuong Cube Basket in the living room or hang a basket to store groceries in the kitchen to maximize storage capacity without taking up additional floor space.

  • Keep your storage bins neat: Don’t forget to clean your storage basket frequently for prolonged usage.

In conclusion, adopting Lagom-inspired design principles offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing living space – it's a lifestyle choice that promotes balance and eco-consciousness. Let's begin designing a beautiful Lagom home with our handcrafted sustainable home decor collections today.