Artera Home Ultimate Guide: Green Boho decor with Natural Materials


Boho decoration is no longer a strange style for many families, but have you known that the inclusion of natural materials for creating green boho decor is now a real trend? Why? Because more and more people tend to care about the environment and sustainable lifestyles.

This article will help you learn and apply natural materials in Bohemian-style home decoration.

Definition of Bohemian home decor style

The Boho style is derived from the Bohemian people in the 19th century. They are liberal and free artists. Bohemian style is eclectic, without any trends or rules. This style is boldly free, in harmony with nature in a brilliant space of colors, electric combinations of patterns, and unique textures creating a sense of harmony and sophistication.

Ideas for combining natural materials to create green Boho decor

1. Boho living room style

The living room is the first place your guests visit, so this room needs to be taken care of first to create a landmark for the whole house. First, decorating the living room starts with a natural, harmonious combination of multi-colored elements. Feel free to choose colors that you like.

Currently, earth tones are popular but don't hesitate to choose colors that show your personality. 

wooden table with multi-colored elements

Image source: Unsplash


A carpet with many sophisticated, vibrant patterns will be a unique highlight for the green boho decor room. The rug easily connects the floor with items or wall paintings. 

red brocade patterned carpet

Image source: Unsplash


The wall with many artworks will break down the walls painted in monochrome. The variety of these paintings creates excitement for the viewer, making them become attentive and want to see the intention behind this mess. And you can also use this wall art to talk more with other people to open up many interesting aspects of the relationship. 

colorful painted art on wall

Image source: Unsplash


Bring plants into the green boho decor home to make everything more natural. You can decorate a lot of plants to create a green space for the house, or you can also add 2-3 potted plants to bring the nature-loving atmosphere of Bohemian style into your living room.

green boho decor with wicker basket


You can absolutely use large but simple pieces of furniture, along with boho items to have a harmonious transition between items. At the same time, arrange them randomly in layers to create a more special effect. 

green boho decor with water hyacinth basket


Add texture to the wall with something art. It can be a seagrass wall decor, a collection of art pictures, or DIY products. 

green boho decor with seagrass wall basket


2. Boho kitchen style

The kitchen will be where you need convenience while cooking, so wicker baskets and storage baskets made of seagrass and natural water hyacinth will make it easy to store ingredients or cooking utensils. 

water hyacinth basket in green boho decor kitchen


At the same time, adding a little green will make the hot air in the kitchen more comfortable. 

green plant in boho white kitchen


3. Boho bedroom style

A bedroom is a place where you need to relax, so it will promote tranquility and comfort. A cozy color scheme, close and pleasant decoration details, plus the natural atmosphere will help your spirit to be comfortable, and quickly fall asleep.

In addition, your boho bedroom will be more impressive when combining elements of light, objects, textures, and patterns from bed sheets, pillows, blankets, and carpets.

Unmade bed with pleated plaid under fabrics

Image source: Pexels


4. Boho children's room style

The Boho style will stimulate children's interest and vision because of its colorfulness. 

Dark blue sofa with vibrant wall art

Image source: Unsplash


Children also become more active and energetic in this room. You can combine wicker baskets made from seagrass to hold your children's toys, or chairs made from rattan for children to sit and read. Under the floor can add carpets with beautiful patterns so that they can comfortably play on the floor. 

two kids play on brocade patterned carpet

Image source: Pexels


The neutrality of natural materials will easily help you balance and combine with the Boho Decor style. Also, above are inspiration ideas that you can easily apply.

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