Water Hyacinth Storage Basket: 5 Outstanding Traits of Artera Home


Water hyacinth has long been recognized as a popular material for crafting wicker baskets. At Artera Home, a brand specializing in home decor and storage solutions from Vietnam, we take pride in creating water hyacinth baskets that possess unique qualities. 

In this article, we would like to share with you the 5 special traits that set our water hyacinth storage baskets apart from the rest.

1. Our baskets are made directly from the source, without middleman

When you choose our water hyacinth storage basket, you can be assured that it is crafted from raw materials sourced directly from the heart of Kim Son province, Vietnam. 

By obtaining the raw materials directly from their place of origin, we have greater control over the entire manufacturing process.


Kim Son craft village is where Artera Home’s water hyacinth basket sourced 

Another aspect of making our water hyacinth and our handicrafts special is eliminating middlemen to bring you the best quality at affordable prices. 


Artisans are harvesting the materials and process them

2. Our water hyacinth storage basket is crafted from skilled community of artisans

At Artera Home, we collaborate with artisans from the renowned Kim Son craft village, where the art of basket weaving has been passed down for over 200 years. These skilled artisans possess a wealth of experience and knowledge that is reflected in every water hyacinth basket they create. 

Artisans-working-in-a-community (1)

Water hyacinth basket from Artera Home are crafted with ancient artisan’s community

Unlike other water hyacinth storage baskets that are crafted by each individual, our water hyacinth baskets are made within a community of artisans. This community-centric trait reveals the cultural significance of traditional villages in Vietnam, where generations of artisans have honed their skills and passed them down through the ages. 

This commitment to preserving and showcasing the rich traditions of Vietnamese craftsmanship adds a special layer of authenticity and cultural value to every water hyacinth storage basket created by Artera Home.

3. Artera Home’s water hyacinth basket is durable and functional

Fine weave is the attribute for Artera Home’s wicker baskets durability. The weave should be tight and well-crafted, ensuring that the basket can withstand regular use without easily unraveling or coming apart. 

Moreover, our water hyacinth baskets feature sufficient depth and a sturdy metal base, providing both functionality and stability . Take, for example, our Binh Minh Hamper baskets with its robust frame for storing everything from blankets to pillows. Its structure also comes in handy when you put in a lid, and it can turn into a firm table in your bedroom or living room. 


Binh Minh hamper basket with sturdy frame doubles as storage and table

4. Our baskets made from water hyacinth have good coloring

We understand the importance of maintaining the natural beauty of water hyacinth. That's why our production process minimizes the use of chemicals, ensuring that the light brown color of the baskets is preserved. 

For those looking for a touch of elegance, we also offer a dyed water hyacinth storage basket. Our Yen Loc dark wicker basket, with its stunning dark brown hue, exemplifies the beauty and longevity of our colored baskets.


Yen Loc dark cube wicker basket with dyed brown color

5. Good-quality accessories are a must-have

At Artera Home, we pay attention to every detail, including the accessories on our water hyacinth baskets. 

  • Metal handles: metal handles are rust-resistant, firmly attached, and perfect for carrying larger items such as pillows or blankets around your living room. Explore our Kim Hai water hyacinth storage basket below. 

water-hyacinth-storage-basket (2)

Kim Hai water hyacinth basket with metal handles


Kim Dong round wicker basket with wooden handles for your kitchen

  • Plastic linings: perfectly fit the product and are stitched tightly with evenly distributed stitches and without any perforation. Discover our Thuong Kiem plant wicker basket


Thuong Kiem plant wicker basket with plastic inside

  • Linen inside: easy-to-clean, not torn out or dirty. Don’t forget to explore our Dinh Hoa wicker baskets for your laundry. 


Dinh Hoa water hyacinth storage basket with easy-to-clean linen for laundry

In conclusion, our water hyacinth storage basket stands out with the above traits. And we take pride in offering you our exceptional baskets that combine craftsmanship, functionality, and beauty. Don’t hesitate to explore our water hyacinth collection now!