4 Inspiring Ideas for Mother-of-Pearl Decor in Home Accessories

Elegant and captivating is our top mind when it comes to mother-of-pearl decor. At Artera Home, we love to infuse this natural material into our products as beautiful and sustainable home accessories. In this blog, we’ll showcase 4 ways to incorporate mother-of-pearl in decorative accents.

1. Mother-of-pearl trays and plates

Thriving in the coastal waters of Vietnam, mother-of-pearl originates from the inner layers of mollusk shells like oysters or abalones and is intricately cultivated by skilled artisans in local craft villages. Known for their inherent elegance and durable quality, mother-of-pearl accessories are often used to make trays and plates, offering a touch of sophistication to your dining experience. 


At Atera Home, we strive to create mother-of-pearl collections, especially mother-of-pearl trays, with a testament to intricate craftsmanship and natural beauty. Our Tan Thanh Pearl Charger is an example of this, with the floral pattern in the middle of the tray handmade by skilled artisans meticulously for gatherings and daily rituals.


2. Mother-of-pearl lighting fixtures

Imagine adorning your space with mother-of-pearl home decor through lighting fixtures, casting a gentle and ethereal radiance throughout. You'll relish having one in your dining area, and it's an investment that's absolutely worthwhile. There is no need to search for a fancy ambiance at a fine dining restaurant when you can craft one at home with stunning mother-of-pearl decor.

These luminous accents capture the delicate play of light, casting mesmerizing patterns that transform any room into a haven of serenity. 

mother-of-pearl decorative-items-lighting

Image Source: Creation Furniture

3. Wall art mother-of-pearl accents

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance to your wall, mother-of-pearl decorative items prove to be an exquisite choice. The shimmering iridescence of mother-of-pearl decor adds depth and character to your walls, creating a focal point that's sure to draw the attention of your guests. Whether you choose intricate patterns or minimalist designs, these accents effortlessly infuse your home with a sense of sophistication and wonder.

4. Luxurious mother-of-pearl mirrors

We'd be totally blowing it if we didn't bring up mother-of-pearl in this blog. You will be amazed by the transformative impact that mother-of-pearl decor can have on your space, especially when incorporated into mirrors. These mirrors offer both functionality and an elevated sense of opulence, propelling your interior design to new levels of sophistication.

Try placing mother-of-pearl decor as a mirror in your bedroom or bathroom to add a touch of glamor to your morning routine and have a functional reflection for your beauty rituals. Additionally, create a captivating entrance by placing a stunning mother-of-pearl tray or mirror in your entryway. The shimmering elegance of mother-of-pearl instantly creates a luxurious first impression on your home.


We hope these practical ways can beautify your home with mother-of-pearl decor. Its exquisite shimmer and intricate patterns effortlessly enhance any interior style, from classic to contemporary. Ready to immerse your home in this luxurious charm? Explore our exquisite collection now!