10 Artera Boho Decor Wall Inspiration For Your Home


The walls are always good at expressing personal identity eclectically. That’s why you should not let your Boho house be colorful and ignore the plain white wall. Let’s jump into these 10 Artera Boho decor wall ideas to make your wall bohemian!

1. Simple texture

A simple accent is good for a plain white wall at first, a wall decor made of natural seagrass for example. The wall basket’s pattern, combined with the wall and the below items, will create color harmony. Feel free to choose patterns and colors, as long as they can create contrast and harmonize well with the rest of the objects.

Artera Home handicraft in boho decor wall home

2. Boho decor wall collection

You can buy a pre-made set of wall decor, or buy individually to combine for special effects. With the preference for a unique mixture of Bohemian decor wall styles, collections like this one are popular. Besides patterns and textures, you can also be flexible in materials and sizes to make the mix-and-match even more interesting.

wall baskets in boho decor wall


3. Hand-painting

There is nothing more interesting than creating art for your wall yourself. If you find painting difficult, you can simply paint color blocks on the wall. More special, you can paint more artistic pictures like tropical plants, portraits of the regions you want to visit, your favorite artists, or maybe yourself. There's nothing stopping you from doing what you want with Boho wall decor ideas.

hand-painting on boho decor wall

Image source: Pexels


4. Boho decor wall hanging

Are you still not confident in your drawing ability? Don’t worry! Hanging artwork is also a suggestion worth considering. If your intention is toward nature, then the picture will be in favor of animals and plants. But if you want the house’s atmosphere to become more seductive and mysterious, do not ignore the painting's selection of oil or symbolic language.

boho decor wall hanging

Image source: Unsplash


5. Monochrome and colorfulness

The contrast of colors perfectly makes the difference. For example, a simple white wall combined with a colorful Boho decor wall basket set. Of course, you can also do the opposite, on a colorful wall, a vibrant pattern is accented with a monochrome picture.

wall baskets on boho decor wall


6. An eclectic collection of art

In the Boho decor wall, the liberal is especially emphasized. Everything is not bound by any factors, from color, texture, material, or quantity. The clutter and novelty from the art collection will delight your guests to see what the owner of this house wants to say behind the pictures.

An eclectic collection of art

Image source: Unsplash


7. DIY wall art with yarn

Creativity is highly appreciated in the Boho style. You can totally make your own wall art. Using a little wool and hooking them together, then you can decorate your wall without spending money to buy it.

DIY wall art with yarn

Image source: Unsplash


8. Earth tone wall painting

Using earth tones such as latte, terracotta, and spiced red is the trend of color used in homes today. While bringing the world home, think about the environment too, and make the wall sound like the one in the photo below.

Earth tone wall painting

Image source: Unsplash


9. Rattan headboard

Have you ever thought that the headboard could also become a decoration idea for your Boho wall decor bedroom? Using rattan to give a special texture to the wall above your bed is an innovation worth taking advantage of when bringing boho style into the bedroom.

rattan headboard

Image source: Pexels


10. A simple mirror

Simplicity also has its own voice. Amidst the clutter, a simple mirror will bring attraction. Sometimes, let’s approach the Boho style with simple steps like the mirror in the photo.

simple mirror in boho decor wall

Image source: Unsplash


Now you know how your plain wall can be decorated with a Boho vibe. It's time for you to implement these ideas and upgrade your wall. Get more inspiring ideas from Artera Home at our blogs.


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