What’s New: Bring Nature To Elegant Farmhouse Decor With Artera Home


What home style is on-trend right now? Definitely elegant Farmhouse decor!

Amidst the chaos of modern life, the Farmhouse style pulls us back to the closeness and familiarity of the house. White walls, wooden furniture, and metal furniture break the gap between modernity and tradition. The combination gives the real feeling that we are living in different eras.

But you still want to bring something new into your home, right? Then nature is the best choice for you. Natural elements will ensure your home has a new look but still retains the rustic and functional characteristics of the Farmhouse style.

What has shaped the Farmhouse home style?

The Farmhouse style originates from the farmer's resting place. The house will be decorated in a minimalist and rustic way but still, ensure convenience in family activities. The prominent features that are easily recognized are the white-painted walls, wooden furniture, high ceilings, and open spaces.

natural wall basket in elegant Farmhouse decor


The style is divided into 2 niches: Classic Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse.

  • Classic Farmhouse takes wood as a highlight, decorated with vintage furniture with a sense of antique. Traditional fabrics with floral motifs are also popular.
  • Modern Farmhouse emphasizes comfort with less rusticity. Add smooth lines, modern interiors with versatile function, and more natural materials.
natural wall basket in elegant farmhouse decor


Why do natural materials support upgrading your Farmhouse home style?

1. Natural materials add texture and ensure the neutrality

Natural elements are great materials to add texture to the overall design of the room, making the room more colorful and less boring. The natural color with the carefully honed grain of wood will be the highlight of the elegant Farmhouse decor.

wooden table and chairs in elegant farmhouse decor

Image source: Unsplash


With their brown and beige colors, natural materials ensure neutrality, especially typical farmhouse materials such as wood. At the same time, natural materials also bring a sense of longevity. They have existed and developed over a long period of time, but still retained the original rustic features. Going along with elegant farmhouse decor, it always keeps the rustic and functional look of any house or era.


2. Natural materials embrace the sustainability and versatility

One of the great benefits of natural materials is that they come from nature, so when they decompose, they just come back to their origin. The existence of natural materials brings sustainability to today's lifestyle because they have less negative impact on the environment and humans.

wicker basket storage in elegant farmhouse decor


Also, they bring convenience from a variety of uses, suitable for many home decor styles. You can use a wicker basket to store your miscellaneous items, kitchenware, plant baskets, or simply decorations.


Apply natural materials to your Farmhouse homestyle

1. The rusticity and simplicity of wood

Farmhouse is defined by rusticity and simplicity. Therefore, wood is favored as one of the basic materials forming a farmhouse. A wooden dining table set will create an elegant Farmhouse decor accent for your dining room.

As time goes on, the fading wood contrast to modern elements will further emphasize its existence and age, making the Farmhouse-style house bolder.

wooden dining table set next to white wall


2. The versatility and durability of wicker items

Farmhouse Interior Design - The origin of handmade items of farmers, and the closeness to nature, which means wicker items from natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth are at the top of mind.

You can use these materials for baskets, chairs, tables, or trays. These handcrafted designs will be of high quality, coupled with long-lasting durability, which is always a top priority in Farmhouse decor.

two hand-woven storage baskets under a wooden table and a mirror


3. The existence of nature: light and plant

Needless to say, one of the elements that you can take advantage of from nature is light and plants. You will not need to pay too much because they are completely available, a point greatly appreciated by the economy of the Farmhouse interior design.

Light will make your Farmhouse room more spacious and airy. Guests who come to your home will feel welcomed and invited by the owner of the house. Creating a large window, and placing a few more mirrors is the most effective way for you to optimize the light entering the house. Also, limit unnecessary items to let light through.

light under floor between wooden table and white wall 


Besides wood, directly bringing plants into the house will be a great choice, because plants are also a direct connection with nature. Bring your home in harmony between inside and outside, between modern and nature. The green color of the tree also helps you relax when there are too many white, brown, or wood tones in the house.

No matter what style of the house, harmony is also an important factor to be noted, not only the Farmhouse home style.

wood table with gray throw pillow and flower basket


Understanding and applying the Farmhouse style also takes time. The challenge here is that you can bring the simplicity and rusticity of natural materials into the house, but also ensure convenience for your family's daily life.

Start implementing your plan with Artera Home to turn your house into elegant Farmhouse decor right away.