Get inspired: Embrace The Nature In Your Farmhouse Bedroom


As a style inspired by farmers' home bases, you cannot ignore the farmer's friend - natural materials. With easy-to-find, affordable and convenient materials such as wood, water hyacinth, and rattan, you will quickly bring the breath of nature to your bedroom farmhouse style.

1. Seagrass hand-woven wall baskets

A handwoven wall decor set from seagrass is the first option not to be missed. The bedroom farmhouse style especially favors handmade items because they bring a sense of closeness to nature. And often, handcrafted items will be of higher quality and more durable.

seagrass wall baskets in bedroom farmhouse style


Hand-woven designs also bring a country feel associated with nature. You can randomly combine them to form different sets and get a new feeling in your bedroom every time you change it. The color of the wall baskets will contrast with the white of the walls and pillows, softening your eyes and providing a focal point to capture the style of the room.

seagrass wall baskets in bedroom farmhouse style


The exciting thing is that you can use the wall decor as a decorative lining for the table next to the bed and put your favorite book or candles to warm your bedroom farmhouse style.

seagrass wall baskets under a book and candles


2. Wooden bed or bed frame

Modern Bedroom Farmhouse-style favor metal frame beds for a simple and solid feel. You can ultimately use wooden beds and wooden bed frames instead. In the classic Farmhouse style, wooden beds are preferred because they ensure their rusticity and durability. If you don't like solid wood, a wooden bed frame like the one below is also an outstanding choice.

Modern bedroom farmhouse style


3. Vintage wooden shelf

An aged wooden cabinet is a favorite for farmhouse decorators. They bring a sense of age and nostalgia from the old lines. Combined with wall paintings or wall baskets will be a nostalgic corner for your Farmhouse bedroom.

white shelf beside photo gallery


4. Rustic wood table or cabinet

A nightstand is a must-have item for any bedroom. A dark wood table decorated with a few flowers, or an antique night light, is special attention in the bedroom.

white flower on wood table

Image source: Unsplash

Generally, the bedroom Farmhouse items often have a simple, flexible texture between modern and vintage. They can be made from wood, seagrass, or rattan, as long as they have a versatile and functional function in your bedroom.

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