Mother's Day Moments: Heartwarming Stories of Love and Gratitude


As Mother's Day is coming, we can't wait to share heartwarming stories from our dear friends and inspiring influencer moms. We hope these sharings will inspire you to treasure your own motherhood moments and to cherish the love and devotion of your mom, not just on this day, but every day.

Abby - Digital Creator 

Artera Home Mother Day Moments

Enjoy a Mother’s Day moment from Ms. Abby 

When we found Abby's Instagram, we were impressed by her positive energy. Abby started her Instagram journey with calligraphy, then explored room makeover and DIY projects, and eventually found her passion for home decor plants. Her most highlighted reel got to 1.1M views - wow! 

Besides her inspirational story about mother and positivity, she also shares her struggles as a mom, and hopes to inspire and motivate other moms to feel less alone on the motherhood journey. 

“Last year was my first time celebrating Mother's Day and my son was only 10 months old. We spent the day with my mom (to also wish her Happy Mother's Day) and my sister-in-law who has a daughter that was born just 5 days before my son! That day was really memorable!

My favorite thing to do on this special day? It is to just be with my loved ones. I'm not picky about what we do. My son is growing up so fast so I've been trying to appreciate all the memories we're creating together right now.”

Haley Martino - Digital Creator 

Artera Home Mother Day Moments

Cherishing precious moments: Celebrating Mother's Day with loved ones

Being a mother is a remarkable journey full of ups and downs, but one of the most beautiful aspects of it is watching our children grow up. And we truly confirm it when keeping up with Haley’s Instagram every day. 

How can her kids grow up so fast and so cute? Haley's posts remind us to cherish every moment with our children because time passes by so quickly. 

“Last year was a special time for me. It was my first Mother’s Day as a mom of two when my son was 2 and my daughter was just a few months old. To celebrate this meaningful time, we visited a local winery with our family and had a happy picnic in the garden!

Being a mom is so precious to me! As I wake up to the sweet aroma of breakfast in bed, lovingly prepared by my husband and son, my heart soonly melts down.

On Mother's Day this year, we want to spend the day bonding, doing something fun, and making beautiful memories together. And as the day draws to a close, we come together with our beloved moms for a special dinner.”

Abbey Lucas - Photographer 

Artera Home Mother Day Moments

Cherishing the Journey: Celebrating Motherhood and creating lasting memories

“Over the past couple years, I’ve realized even more that home isn’t a place, it’s the people that you share memories with.”

Being a mom of two cute littles, Abbey has shared a lot of meaningful memories through her photos. We love the way she takes care of her family little by little, but still doesn't leave herself behind.

“Last Mother's Day, I loved the moment we went to the beach and kayaked through the ocean! We had a memorable and interesting time there. This year, I’ll be enjoying a cup of warm coffee with my husband and kids, for a Sunday brunch 🤎”


We were filled with a sense of wonder about the unique journey of being both a mother and an influencer at the same time. So, with great enthusiasm, we were eager to hear their inspiring stories and gain valuable insights that could help other moms aspiring to be influencers.

Artera Home Mother Day Moments

Home is where the memories are: A Mother's journey of love and balance

Artera Home Mother Day Moments

Inspiring Mother's Day story

Artera Home Mother Day Moments

Mother's Day Moments 

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