How to Achieve a Cohesive Look Using Natural Materials


When it comes to decorating your home, achieving a cohesive look is essential for creating a space that feels inviting and visually pleasing. One of the key elements in achieving this balance is the use of natural materials. In this blog post, we will delve into practical tips on how to blend natural materials for cohesive home decor that not only looks stunning but also promotes a sense of well-being.

Tip 1: Choose a natural material palette

The foundation of achieving a cohesive look in your home decor is blending natural materials into a palette that resonates with your style and preferences. Materials such as wood, stone, and jute have an inherent warmth and charm that can transform any space.

Wood, for instance, adds a timeless and inviting quality to your decor. It comes in various shades and grains, allowing you to create a color scheme that complements your space for a cohesive style. Lighter woods, like pine and birch, can make a room feel airy and spacious, while darker woods, such as walnut and mahogany, exude richness and elegance.

When choosing your natural material palette, consider these tips below:

  • Harmonize warm tones: If you've chosen warm natural materials like wood, opt for colors that complement them, such as beige, soft gray, or pale yellow. These hues create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that complements the warmth of wood.

  • Contrast with cool colors: Shades of blue, green, or even muted purples can create a balanced design and visually appealing look when paired with cool-toned materials.

  • Embrace earthy neutrals: To maintain a harmonious and natural feel, earthy neutrals like terracotta, sage green, or muted browns can work wonders.

Tip 2: Balance textures and patterns

A balanced texture and patterns are the perfect way to achieve a cohesive look. Texture-rich materials like sisal, rattan, and marble can bring a tactile dimension to your space. These materials add texture and lend an organic feel to your space, promoting the harmony of the natural world indoors. 

Mixing and matching textures and patterns can be a creative and fun process. Consider pairing a smooth marble tabletop with a textured jute runner or combining a sleek wooden coffee table with plush, patterned cushions. The key is to strike a balance between contrasting textures and patterns, creating a visually engaging but cohesive look.

Tip 3: Incorporate Artera Home products

To complete your cohesive and harmonious look, consider incorporating our products that exemplify the use of natural materials. Explore the examples of how you can seamlessly integrate our natural products in home decor.

  • Kim Chinh storage baskets, with beige tones and water hyacinth, can serve as stylish storage solutions and can store up to three pillows or two piles of clothes while contributing to the sustainable, eco-friendly ethos of your space. 

  • Chat Binh rattan tray with solid carry handles at each end can be functional and decorative, providing an elegant surface for displays or serving.

By incorporating our products, you enhance your cohesive home decor and support our commitment to sustainability, traditional craftsmanship, and responsible sourcing.

Following these tips, you can transform your living space into a nature-inspired, cohesive space. Remember that harmony in your decor goes beyond aesthetics; it embodies your commitment to balance, sustainability, and thoughtful design. Don’t forget to explore our versatile and natural home decor that’s the perfect match for any room in your home.